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Kat Howard

Kat Howard

Inspiring the imaginations in Exeter, Devon

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Kat Howard 

The Exeter, Devon location for Creation Station has a great reputation with it's customers and an excellent Trustist Review score.

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Kat Howard

Meet Kat

Why I decided to run my own Creation Station. 
I have always enjoyed being creative and as a child I was encouraged by my Mum to enjoy art and crafts. I can think of nothing better then inspiring creativity for children and adults alike, and the best part of being creative is just having a go! I was fortunate to get a job with the previous Exeter & Mid Devon owner and then jumped at the chance of running my own Arts & Crafts business. Its hard work but I couldn't imagine doing anything else!

What I did before I ran my own Creation Station. 
I have had a varied career past! Previously I have been a Make up Artist, I've worked in bars, I worked as a chef for a few years, I am a part time Nanny and I worked as a session leader for the Creation Station for 3 years before taking the business over. I'm also a Guide leader, and have been helping run the Crediton group for over 10years now.

What I love about running my own Creation Station.  
What I love the most is spending time with children and helping them unleash their creativity. 

Something you probably don’t know about me. 
I hate the feel of cotton wool, it really gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Things I love doing. 
Spending time with my family, horse riding and playing darts! 

My favourite joke.  
I don't have a favourite, but I do love really bad jokes, the kind that make you laugh just because they're so bad and not because they're funny! 

My favourite food.  
My Nans roast chicken, and ice cream - Yum!


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