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Meet the Team

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Here's our creative hub head office team

Creativity is an integral part of happiness and success. If you are looking to inspire your child or children, your customers, clients or staff, or be inspired yourself, you've come to the right place. Here at The Creation Station we work with you to understand what's important to you and we put together bespoke solutions to help you inspire imaginations and make the difference you want to achieve.

Our Creative Ambassadors-our friendly franchise owners

Delivering Inspiration Everyday 

We are able to help inspire imaginations and nurture creativity across the UK & beyond, because of our fabulous, friendly family of Creative Ambassadors’

Our family come from a wide range of backgrounds from banking to teaching, and we even have a Crime Scene investigator and a BBC cameraman. However, we all share the common purpose of wanting to make a positive difference to others.

It is with this passion, care and a commitment to high standards, that we provide all our fun and creative activities and experiences. 

Sarah Cressall

Founder & Mumma of The Creation Station Ltd

Sarah Cressall is the Founder, CEO of The Creation Station. 

Sarah's drive and passion is to make a difference, inspire imaginations and nurture creativity. Sarah's vision and resilience has earned her many awards including:

Winner Entrepreneur of the Year, Finalist Business Woman Of The Year, Winner Best Woman Franchisor UK and Finalist ‘Extraordinary Woman of the Year’.

Sarah lives in Devon with her husband Duncan and is mum to their three boys Sam, Ollie and Josh. Sarah loves chocolate, cycling, wake boarding, dancing and spending time with family and friends.

Regional Business Development Managers

Super Support Team

We take the support of our growing family of franchise owners very seriously, and were delighted to gain the Best Franchise Marketing Support award.

In addition to regular training, we provide on-going support through one-to-one calls, video conference calls, business reviews, monthly themed conference calls, regional meetings, business booster days and access to tried and tested session plans, as well as the business templates required to provide our high-quality and exceptional customer service.

We do this through our proactive and friendly team of Franchise Support Buddies.

These are some of our top performing franchise owners who help to support our growing network.  They include Emma McCalla-John, Emma Winterbourne, Judith Coles, Kirsty Hickson and Louise Richardson.

Ruth Morris

Franchise Manager

Finding the next generation of Creation Station leaders is crucial to delivering our award winning program to new families in more locations. Ruth works remotely from her home in Spain, where she moved with her family and menagerie after delivering the successful Creation Station Aberdeen for 5 years. 

Ruth is passionate about introducing people to The Creation Station and knows the value of launching a franchise from her personal experience with us. And her love for our programs is evident in her anecdotes derived from the many lessons, events & parties she delivered in Scotland. 

If you are interested in finding out what it means to launch your own Creation Station business, Ruth is your trusted and enthusiastic guide to our training and support programs. 

When Ruth is not waxing lyrical about her job, she loves mountain biking and spending quality time with her family & friends, enjoying sangria and tapas!

Rachael Logan


Managing finances is a critical part of the smooth running of all successful companies.

Rachael ensures the smooth financial running of the company. Rachael makes sure our valued suppliers are paid on time and that all payroll and financial reporting is delivered accurately and on time. 

Rachael has a wonderful sense of humour and is mum to three great kids and is a wonderful asset to our whole team. 

Fran Long

Operations Manager

Fran is the support and tech queen behind The Creation Station. In this fast paced world Frans' approach is to preempt things going wrong and fix them to keep us all safe and secure online. Fran also heads up the franchise support and training and looks after all of us here at Creative Hub.

Fran and Sarah are sisters and in the very early days, Fran worked really hard on the very early websites and tech developments.

Fran's a great person to have not just as your sister (!) but as mentor, coach and hand holder when you need it – and let's face it we all need a bit of help every now and then don't we?

Katy Clarke

Social Media Mummy  

Katy is our social media mummy extraordinaire! Katy helps us inspire imaginations and nurture potentially sharing and connecting online with great people, families, organisations and brands. 

Katy is mum to two wonderful boys and knows first-hand how creative activities can help to support and develop your child's development.   

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Our Values

We are proud to inspire the nation's imagination with our core values

  • Have Fun

    Have Fun

    We provide shared fun experiences that help to bond and unite parents and carers with their child or children. Our fun social events also help to connect and develop friendships.

  • Ensure Quality

    Ensure Quality

    We are committed to consistently high standards in our sessions, products, professionalism, safety and trust. We believe in quality positive experiences, that earn us the respect and recommendations with every relationship we nurture and build. For us, quality means the challenge of continuous improvement to help inspire imaginations and to support our communities and partners and all those who share this passion.

  • Spark Curiosity

    Spark Curiosity

    Practical hands-on learning opportunities provide fun ways to experiment, explore and discover. Our experiences are developed to help each child and adult get interested, expand their thinking and value each moment.

  • Inspire Imagination

    Inspire Imagination

    We provide journeys of exploration, discovery and development to enable each person be inspired by their natural curiosity and to imagine how ordinary things become extraordinary. This is how we provide the opportunity to learn through doing, success and failure and it is the foundation for creativity.

  • Nurture Creativity

    Nurture Creativity

    We are here to help nurture each child’s creativity and to help them develop their own ideas which we recognise and value.

  • Give Care

    Give Care

    We are privileged to help and share in the magic of creative experiences to create a positive difference in the lives of children, for our partners, colleagues and the world we find ourselves in today. We are passionate about being authentic, going the extra mile for people and exceeding expectations because it feels right and because we care.

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