Meet Our Franchise Partners

Meet Our Franchise Partners

Together with our franchise partners, we are privileged to have inspired 1.5 million children and adults and gained significant recognition for our work. Meet some of our awesome Creation Station franchise partners.

Our wonderful franchise partners have different backgrounds, circumstances and goals but we all do have something that brings us all together.

Our shared purpose is to make a difference through the power of creativity. 

We've put a selection of stories together for you below, so you can meet some of our Very Inspirational Partners (our VIP's).

Alexis Jervis runs The Creation Station in Newcastle under Lyme. 

Alexis changed her successful corporate career as a buyer for a global supermarket chain. “I'd always wanted to do something a bit more creative. I also wanted more flexibility around my family and I love the idea of running my own business- so The Creation Station really does tick all the boxes for me”   

One of the many things that Alexis does within her community is support a local cancer charity that helps families with little ones who are poorly. Because the families can't come to the classes Alexis sends craft boxes out and they get together regularly online via a zoom class. 😍 

Alexis also provides adult craft sessions for the grown-ups to chat, do something different and relax together. 

Thank you, Alexis, 🙌 We love the wonderful work you are doing.


Meet Deirdre Gauge ❤ Deirdre runs The Creation Station franchise in Chesterfield. 

Deirdre said "My goal in life is to inspire creativity and imagination. These have guided me to enjoy a range of fulfilling careers, including being a primary school teacher, a textile artist and a craft gallery owner. My goals are why I was so attracted to running my own Creation Station business. 

I have the full backing of an incredible team at Creative Hub as well as from other franchise partners. One example is when I wanted to support the local community with activity boxes and Creation Station helped to fund this. It’s so lovely to be part of a team who all care about making a difference through creativity" 

We LOVE the positive impact that Deirdre makes in her local community ❤❤. You are certainly smashing your goals every day Dierdre! 🙌

Anne Crump worked as a teacher and also ran a catering company. Anne and her family would travel in a small van serving crepes at events and weddings.

Anne now runs The Creation Station in Cheshire West. 

Anne said “I always knew I would consider another business of my own. I dropped down to part-time teaching and used this time to get started on something exciting.

I decided to invest in a franchise business as some level of security was important to me. I ran my previous business as a sole trader before and it can be a fairly lonely venture. Being part of a franchise not only gives a business more marketing clout through national branding and a vast support network but having the day to day support of such a large team is hugely motivational.

I looked at the Creation Station in 2011 when we relocated back to the UK from Belgium but it wasn’t the right time for me. Years later when I started exploring business ideas. it was fantastic to see that Creation Station not only was still providing a first-class service but it had flourished with so many more income streams. 

Starting up does require a decent level of courage and self-belief. My husband was hugely supportive (I must have been driving him mad at home!). My three wonderful children thought I would be very well suited and that it was a great idea, so their encouragement certainly spurred me on.

The training and support have been second to none! My husband frequently comments on how helpful everyone has been in helping me get started. There are so many strands of support available that you know whatever time of day (or night!) it is there is always someone that will answer a random message.

It was brilliant being part of CarFest North last summer, as well as organising and running the event alongside my husband Alan (who is always on hand to help) but my artist son Luke, was also exhibiting at the event and we ended up being right next to each other so it was a real family affair!” 

Avne came to a crossroads and chose a successful career & family life whilst making a difference.

Avne Wilson had a successful career as Visual Merchandise Manager for a large supermarket chain. Avne came to a crossroads in her career. Avne said "To progress any further in the same company, I needed to make the decision between my family and my career. I wanted both family and career to have an active part in my life. I am very career focused and driven by the challenge but have a family and I want to spend time with them. I am also a creative person and running my own Creation Station appealed to me as it still allows me to be creative while being able to fit my career around my family. I love how our creative workshops help children develop and grow in so many ways." Avne now supports her local community with creative activities and enjoys quality time with her family. 

We LOVE how Avne makes such a difference to her local community - Well Done Avne! Avne inspires imaginations in Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield with The Creation Station franchise.

Hayley changed her career to gain more flexibility around her working hours. 

Hayley now runs the Creation Station in Witney and Kidlington.

Hayley said “I wanted to be there for my three boys. I worked as a lab technician but hardly ever got to see them during the week. After my maternity leave for my third son, I just couldn't face going back to the same job. I'd seen Creation Station before and it just has stayed with me. I realised if I didn't make the decision to do something now, then the boys would be growing up quickly and I would never get that time back. It's been a challenging few years during the pandemic but my business adapted really quickly and it's wonderful to see so many children and adults enjoying the benefits of being involved in our creative activities”.  

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