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Top 5 Crafty Cleanup Tips | Crafting Made Simple With The Creation Station

It's no secret that we absolutely love everything sparkly, slimey, painty and gluey!  Over the years we have become masters at cleaning up the messiest crafty materials and here are our 'Top 5 Crafty Cleanup Tips'!

1. Slime!

Slime is a trend that is likely to be sticking around for a long term (excuse the pun)! It's awesome stuff - sticky, gooey and loved by children for it's many varieties and hours of entertainment!  The best way to remove slime is by using white vinegar on a cloth and dabbing it on the slimey area of your clothes. Wash the clothes in your machine afterwards as normal.

Sticky, slimey, gooey fun at The Creation Station

2. Glitter

Whilst we have huge love for our sparkles, glitter is many people's total nightmare to cleanup! It's like you are doing nothing more than simply spreading it around and then you spend the next few months finding flakes of it in your dinner and wondering how the dog got a sparkly nose! 

Our top tip when trying to clean up your sparkly craft area is to hoover as much of it up as you can and then use either a lint roller or masking tape (wrapped around your hand with the sticky side facing outwards) to pick up the remaining stubborn bits!

Cleaning up the sparkles is no problem for The Creation Station

3. Play-Doh

Awesome fun for the whole family but if it gets into your carpet it can certainly put a downer on things! Allow the Play-Doh to dry completely, use a stiff brush to loosen it, and then vacuum the bits up.  Alternatively use gentle soap and cold water on the area to wet the Play-Doh and wipe it up.

Play-Doh creations with The Creation Station

4. Paint 

We always recommend using a really good quality washable paint if you are crafting at home with little ones.  Our absolute favourite is Crayola as you have the reassurance that it will pretty much clean out of anything - including carpets and curtains!  If you have used ready mix paint and got some on your clothes be sure to soak them in cold water (not warm as this will set the stain into the fabric) and laundry detergent as soon as possible.  Add some stain remover powder for extra cleaning power and leave to soak.  If your fabic is not of a delicate nature you should then be able to use a clean cloth to scrub it clean before washing the item as normal in your machine.

Don't worry about the mess - leave the cleanup to us!

5. PVA Glue

The true foundation of many crafty creations! It's so easy to get glue on your sleeves or trousers whilst you are busy creating - remove any excess glue with a knife or scraping tool and then leave it to soak in cold water for about 10-15 minutes.  Next rub a small amount of laundry detergent or washing up liquid into the stain and soak for a while longer in the cold water.  Finally wash as normal in your machine on a cool cycle with detergent.

Crafty cleanup made simple with The Creation Station

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19th Oct

We loved it

We loved it, really organised and well laid out. Thank you, I’m sorry my toddler was a bit crackers, she was very excited! Thank you for being so good with her xx

* * * * *
19th Oct

Adult craft evening

Review of adult craft evening.....Chantal is amazing! She is super lovely and brings a wide range of materials with her to the session. She taught us new techniques in simple but effective way. I found the session therapeutic and relaxing.

* * * * *
18th Oct

Fantastic session

Fantastic session. Well organised and friendly. Plenty of resources.

* * * * *
18th Oct

Really relaxed and happy class for the…

Really relaxed and happy class for the little ones. We had a great time. Thank you..

* * * * *
18th Oct

A very nice creative afternoon

A very nice creative afternoon. My baby daughter enjoyed it and so did I. We shall go to another session soon :)

* * * * *
18th Oct

2 girls had a ball making slime

2 girls had a ball making slime , it’s was great not having to deal with the mess and let the girls get the enjoyment of making slime , looking forward to the next one

* * * * *
18th Oct

Both my boys had a great time at the…

Both my boys had a great time at the slime workshop, would recommend. Thanks so much x

* * * * *
18th Oct

Love our Creation Station sessions

Love our Creation Station sessions. Always fun and messy! We have made some gorgeous keepsakes and will be booking more sessions soon. Fi and Finn xxx

* * * * *
18th Oct

Katie's class is great!

I have been taking my son to Katie's classes since they started at Bridge of Weir 4 weeks ago and Casey excitedly runs into class each week. In each 45 minute class there is a new theme and there are 3 different "stations" to work through so there is enough variety in a class to keep the children entertained. The Creation Station is a very nice change from the usual sing song classes that I've taken Casey to before. Each week he has been proud as punch to come home with his work of art to show his daddy and his grandparents. Definitely recommend this class ? Bonus points that I dont have to worry about tidying up the mess Casey makes!

* * * * *
18th Oct

Sarah is very welcoming to all

Sarah is very welcoming to all. Every session is well thought out. We love it. Well done and thank you