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The perfect gift for your teacher at the end of term!

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An awesome "Flower Pot Person" the perfect way to say thank you to your teacher!

Every parent across the country has the same thoughts going round and round their head this time of year…. ‘what can I get my childs teacher to say thank you’  Well here is something a little different, cute and personalised. We love them and so, wanted to share them with you! 
Flower Pot Craft for end of term

All you need is:

  • Two 10cm terracotta pot
  • Two 6cm terracotta pot
  • Two washers, bigger than the whole in the bottom of the pots
  • Nut and bolt
  • String/wire
  • Mixed beads
  • Assorted paintbrushes
  • Paint, (we used Patio Paint so it could be left outside)

One of the large pots is the face the other the body.  No need to prime the pots, just let your imagination run wild and paint. 
For one person we painted a base colour and then dribbled paint down the sides, flicked paint. 
For the second we dotted blobs of paint around the pot and then with a dry thick brush randomly brushed/mixed the paints.  Allow the paint to dry between layers

TOP TIP: Did you know you can use eco-cotton buds to paint the flowers! 

Flower Pot Crafts

For the legs, tie a large bead or button to the end of the string, thread through the whole in of the small pots.  Add another 4/5 beads.  Repeat for the other leg. For the arms you'll want to use the wire so they can be fixed into a position. 

Thread the legs through the hole in the body pot, put a washer and then the nut through the hole.  Tie the four bits of string, 2 legs and 2 arms.  Place the head on top, add the other washer and the nut.  This will hold the flower pot person together.

The different people and designs are endless.  Maybe choose a character, historical person from a class project.  Or maybe a character you know their teacher love. We added some artificial lavender but a small pot of herbs, cactus or flower in the top could work too, just remember to add a dish to catch water. 

Or if you'd like to make a collaborative project with your children, why not try this simple, but very effective "You helped us grow" pot? 

Helped us grow

These awesome crafts were designed and created with our Creation Station Session leaders Sue Hammond and Emma Winterbourne. You can find out more about their classes, parties, events and more here: 

Sue Hammond, The Creation Station Frampton Cotterall, South Gloucestershire 

Emma Winterbourne, The Creation Station Thame and Aylesbury West

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22nd Aug

Our superhero activities

My two children had a brilliant time. Arts and crafts are their thing it was for only an hour but they created so much. They haven’t stopped playing with their creations all afternoon. The lady that ran today actives was fantastic, very welcoming and friendly and greet with the children.

* * * * *
22nd Aug

Sarah is wonderful

Sarah is wonderful, friendly and keeps an ongoing rapport with all participants throughout. Nicely spaced out activities. Enjoyed and will go again. Thanks.

* * * * *
22nd Aug

A lovely interactive experience that…

A lovely interactive experience that stimulates your child's imagination. It was nice that we could both get involved with the activity

* * * * *
22nd Aug

Absolutely awesome day out at Chin dig…

Absolutely awesome day out at Chin dig today very well organised x

* * * * *
22nd Aug

Lovely afternoon making slime and…

Lovely afternoon making slime and lovely venue at been a day cafe

* * * * *
22nd Aug

Great activities which kept my daughter…

Great activities which kept my daughter entertained. Good value for money too.

* * * * *
22nd Aug

My son had a fantastic time

My son had a fantastic time. He’ll definitely go again!

* * * * *
22nd Aug

Loved it

Loved it. Thank u

* * * * *
22nd Aug

Children loved it .

Children loved it .

* * * * *
22nd Aug

Good craft idea

Good craft idea, great choice of materials, prepared for messy babies.