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How to make your very own Catapult! 

This craft works brilliantly for building stories around, teaching children about how catapults can launch lighter items further than heavier items, how you can tilt and aim your catapult towards goals and targets and so much more. 

You will need: 
8 x Small lolly sticks
2 x Large lolly sticks
3 x Elastic bands
Double sided tape
1 x bottle top

Step 1:  Stack the small lolly sticks and tie with an elastic band on each end.

Step 2: Push 1 of the large lolly sticks through the bottom two small sticks as in the video above. 

Step 3: Put the other large stick on the top of the stack (as above) and secure both together with an elastic band. 

Step 4: Pop some double sided tape on the back of the bottle top and secure it to the top of the large lolly stick.

Step 5: Load up the catapult with something light and fire away! 

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13th Nov

I had an amazing time in this evening…

I had an amazing time in this evening class. Thank you to Alexandria for a stunning evening of arts and crafts and fun

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13th Nov

My child has genuinely enjoyed all…

My child has genuinely enjoyed all these classes. Sharon is amazing with her and projects they do are amazing.

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13th Nov

Our kids loved the new home ed group

Our kids loved the new home ed group. we'll be back. Thankyou Sharon!

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13th Nov

Lovely class for you to go to with your…

Lovely class for you to go to with your children. Siri’s a great class leader!

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13th Nov

It was great to see my little boy enjoy…

It was great to see my little boy enjoy painting so much. Kat made it easy to keep his attention by cobstantly offering new tools, materials and techniques to paint with. He loved it. Perfect length of time

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13th Nov

Amazing, fun and a must do class

This was the first time we had been to creation station and Zack and I loved it. Helen was brilliant and great with Zack and all the other babies. I would definitely recommend it and we will definitely be booking onto another class with Helen again.

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12th Nov

Great evening making felt Christmas…

Great evening making felt Christmas decorations. Lucy was very helpful and patient.

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12th Nov

Creation Station Solihull... highly recommended

I've been taking my daughter to Laurie's creation station sessions in Solihull for nearly 3 years. My daughter loves them! I've just done my first creative crafters session for adults. It was Christmas themed. I got to try out crafts I haven't done before and it was great fun. Highly recommend

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12th Nov

Brilliant day!

Brilliant day!

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12th Nov

Really enjoyed Creating

Really enjoyed Creating Thank you