Our quick creative challenge with Play-Doh, making colours and using as a base.

Hi on today's quick creative challenge, I am going to start the timer so I don't run over. We are going to be doing something with Play-Doh and something you've been probably told not to do before. but it's a lot of fun so I'm going to recommend it. So, you get two colours and you mix them. I know, who would have thought of mixing colours , but no, it is great fun. So when we mix them, what do we get?

So, to start with we get this lovely marbling effect.  Let me show you, like that. If you can see? You can see both colours really distinctly, however, if we carry on mixing, what do we think is going to happen? So,  if I know my colours. We've got the three primary colours here. Red, blue and yellow we are going to get a green!

As you can see these two greens are slightly different to the Play-Doh one. That's because they have probably got the right amount of blue and yellow. I just guessed but so that's the first thing we can do. We have still got some time left, which is nice. So, let's think about what else we could do. We could get some things and make it look pretty. So, if we get four match sticks into my homemade green, you might be able to get it to stand up and look a bit like an alien and then. Oh maybe not stand up, maybe and we can put in some coconut shells or some buttons.  Then we've got a little alien You can even put a different colour, maybe a red on top and give it some eyes or something. Just like that.  Maybe yours is a little better or different to mine.

While we we have some time left, what else could we do? We could use it as a structural base. So if you get some Play-Doh and put it at the bottom of some sticks,  I found in our garden. and if you see, it kind of holds the stick upright like magic.

So if we get 3 sticks, like this or even two, look at that. I don't know if you can see? It has made a little arch. You can maybe get a third and stick it to the table or maybe add in some leaves you found outside or something like that. Anyway, that's our time.
And I hope you have enjoyed our quick session, and let us know if you made any nice creations. We'd love to see them. 

Okay Bye for now.

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25th Nov

Absolutely fantastic 5*

Me and my children (age 5, and 1) both absolutely love creation station! It’s such a fun, relaxed environment where they can play, explore and get super messy whilst creating beautiful keepsakes to treasure forever! Mandy Stone who runs out local venue is amazing! She’s brilliant with the children and is always creating new and exciting creations for the children to make!

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24th Nov

Definitely recommend.

Great materials. Really friendly support and tuition. My daughter loves it.

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18th Nov


Excellent. Our pack was dropped off and then collected from us. And our finished product was delivered back to us. Very pleased with our creation. Will definitely do again.

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14th Nov

Well organised and covid safe Christmas…

Well organised and covid safe Christmas crafting event! Everything you needed to make something special was provided and Avne was on hand to help as needed!

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12th Nov

Fun, colourful, messy

I've only had 2 classes so far and me and my son love it! So many different sensory activities and lovely keepsakes to take home

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11th Nov

I would highly recommend Alix at The…

I would highly recommend Alix at The Creation Station. My daughter enjoys every week and learns something new each time.

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11th Nov

Xmas craft session

This was our first mother and baby session since my little boy Archie was born at the end of June. With this rubbish Covid stopping so many if not all baby sessions that I was hopping to be able to take my little boy to whilst off on mat leave has stopped us. Creation station was lots of fun to socialise with other baby mother and also make memorable gifts for us to keep for his 1st Xmas. Alexis was very welcoming and helpful the whole time, we also enjoyed a cuppa tea and some cake in with the price which is brilliant. Hope to be able to attend lots more with my little boy soon. A big thank you !

* * * * *
9th Nov


Competition win and absolutely fantastic. The order was matched to the craft intention and was delivered quick. The quality of products is great and look forward to joining a class when lockdown is over

* * * * *
5th Nov

Lovely online creative session

Lovely online creative session making a keepsake frame. Relaxed and a friendly teacher

* * * * *
5th Nov

Always fun and exciting activities for…

Always fun and exciting activities for the kids!