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Let's Get Creative -15 Creative Activities To Enjoy Outdoors This Autumn!

15 Creative Activities To Enjoy Outdoors With Kirsty From The Creation Station Driffield, East Yorkshire

Creativity doesn't just have to be limited to crafting at your kitchen table!  Here are 15 fabulous activities from our awesome franchisee Kirsty Hickson of The Creation Station Driffield, East Yorkshire to get you outdoors enjoying some creative fun!

  1. Make a bug house - Collect a variety of sticks, stones, recycled pots and create a hidey hole home for bugs and beasties. It’s great fun seeing who moved in.
  2. Chalk drawing – Simple chalk drawing on pavements and paths is a timeless activity and such fun. You can also make chalk paints using paint and corn flour added to water and then freeze. You can have such fun making marks whilst letting it melt.
  3. Collect items on a nature walk such as stones, leaves, pinecones, seeds etc. Create artwork from the collected items. This could be a pattern or mandala style or could depict a picture.
  4. Go on a colour scavenger hunt - Find items outdoors to match all the colours on a sheet.
  5. Make a journey stick - Use a large strip of cardboard on a long stick and collect items on a walk to stick to it to tell the story of your journey.
  6. Rock painting is simple but such fun. Hide your rocks for others to find or use as garden decorations.Creative Pebble Painting
  7. Nature weaving - Collect leaves, grasses and other items to weave onto a cardboard loom.
  8. Explore rubbings – Tree trunks, pavements, bricks and more!  There are so many patterns and textures to explore by using a wax crayon on paper to take a rubbing. The paper can then be used to create fab collaged pictures.
  9. Bubble snakes are used lots in our pre-school and baby classes but are great fun to play with outside too. Watch the bubbles blow around in the breeze, can you catch them? Can you pop them?  Watch our 'How To' video HEREBubbly fun with the award-winning Creation Station
  10. Make a tin foil river for sailing boats - Make a tinfoil trench around the garden. Add water and a boat of choice. You could even make your own from lolly sticks, corks, recycled tubs and more.
  11. Explore shadows - What shapes can you make? Draw round shadows of objects and each other. How do the shadows change during the day?
  12. Painting with water - Even at Creation Station we have days when we don’t want to get the paint out, but a bucket of water and a paint brush on a sunny day can be just as much fun. Great for early mark making and experimenting and it all dries up at the end.
  13. Water bomb painting - Fill water bombs with painty water and have fun throwing them at a large piece of paper or even a sheet for some totally splattery art.
  14. Paint plant pots with bright colours and patterns - Fill with colourful flowers or grow seeds to bring colour to your garden. Varnish pots after painting to protect from the weather.Pretty plant pots to bring colour to your garden
  15. Make seed bombs - Use old shredded paper and soak in water for at least 20 minutes until it becomes a pulp. Sprinkle your choice of seeds in the pulp then mould into balls or shapes. You can use silicon moulds to make more interesting shapes if you wish. Once dried these can be planted wherever you would like flowers to grow or make great gifts.

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What people say

Excellent 4.8/5

6045 reviews on Trustpilot

* * * * *
18th Jan

Excellent craft session

Nicole is always lovely and the session today was great. My daughter loves doing the craft activities. Thank you

* * * * *
18th Jan

Fantastic class my little boy loved…

Fantastic class my little boy loved getting messy with paint and eating it without me telling him off

* * * * *
17th Jan

My little boy had a wonderful time

My little boy had a wonderful time, didn't do anything he was supposed to but hoping he calms down at next event.

* * * * *
16th Jan

I thought this would be something…

I thought this would be something different to do with my granddaughter who is 19 months old, I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t hold her attention for the 45 minutes but was pleasantly surprised to say it was only in the last 10 minutes she became a bit distracted. We will definitely be going again.

* * * * *
16th Jan

Such a lovely session

Such a lovely session. My children throughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much

* * * * *
16th Jan

Fantastic class

Fantastic class and the class leader was very welcoming and explained the planned activities very well. The kids seemed to like her too. Enjoyed the painting and making crafts. The online booking was very easy to do and will definitely be attending more classes.

* * * * *
16th Jan

Had a lot of fun

We had a lot of fun. Sue was lovely. Will be booking on again.

* * * * *
16th Jan

A brilliant club my daughter loves it…

A brilliant club my daughter loves it and Viv is so lovely.

* * * * *
16th Jan

We absolutely loved our morning with…

We absolutely loved our morning with Sharon! And are differently returning for pur weekly sessions. Lots of fun activities for my 6 month old to do in baby discovery. He had so much fun.

* * * * *
15th Jan

Brilliant session!

Brilliant session! My nearly 3 year old loved it. Lots of activities to keep the little ones engaged. Sharon was enthusiastic and positive. Will definitely come again!