Let's Recycle our Christmas Cards

Use this years Christmas cards to make a quick and easy wreath ready to put away for next Christmas.

We love to recycle and repurpose items at The Creation Station, so this year we are using all our old cards to make a simple and effective wreath. Pop it away and you're all ready for next Christmas!

You will need:

- Old cards

- A cardboard ring (any size cut from an old packaging box)

- Scissors

- Glue stick

- Ribbon to hang

Recycle Christmas Cards

To make a Christmas card wreath:

1) Cut your cards up into circles of all varying sizes. The circles don't have to be perfect.

2) Tie a piece of ribbon onto the cardboard circle.

3) Start to stick onto the cardboard circle. Use the larger circles first and then slowly build up, overlapping them.

4) Build the layers up until your happy

5) Pack it away ready for next year

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