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How to press flowers in the microwave and create your own photo frame.

Enjoy this fun activity and retain the beauty of freshly cut flowers!

 What you will need:

•      An assortment of colourful flowers - the stronger the colour the better. Deep reds, pinks and purples work really well. White and light pink flowers tend to go brown in the microwave.

•      An assortment of leaves.

•      Paper

•      Kitchen roll

•      A ceramic dish or tile

•      A plain wooden frame

•      Liquid PVA glue



How to press flowers and leaves in the microwave:

Please carry out this process in a well-ventilated room.

•      Select the flowers you wish to use and cut the flowers from their stems close to the base of the flower. Also select and cut some leaves.

•      Take 2 pieces of paper and fold them in half, then reopen them again.

•      Place the flowers and leaves on one half of each paper.

•      Fold over the paper covering the flowers and leaves and then place on top of two sheets of kitchen roll.

•      Place into the microwave and cover with another two sheets of kitchen roll.

•      Next use a ceramic dish or tile (or any heavy dish suitable for a microwave) and place it on top of your paper.

•      Set the temperature to the defrost setting for a less intense heat.

•      Heat for 1 minute.

•      After a minute take out your paper and check on your flowers. If they are not fully dry, place them back in the microwave and heat for intervals of 30 secs, until they are flat and dry to the touch.

•      Use the same process for your leaves.

Flower frame

Decorating your photo frame with your pressed flowers:

•      Take your wooden frame and decide whether you want it to be in landscape or portrait.

•      Play around with different designs.

•      Once you are happy with your final design, glue your flowers and leaves onto your wooden frame.

•      When they are all glued securely into place, apply some glue over the top of the flowers and leaves to seal them. Don't worry the glue will dry clear!

And there you have it - your very own beautiful frame!

What people say

Excellent 4.9/5

7290 reviews on Trustpilot

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20th Apr

My child had a great time at the space…

My child had a great time at the space themed creation station with Alexis at Betley School! Thank you so much! :)

* * * * *
19th Apr

Thank you for inclusive, fun and engaging intergenerational workshops Alix!

Thank you to Alix for the fantastic intergenerational workshops she ran for us at Sussex Housing & Care last week. Residents at Saxonwood care home in Battle and Oakwood Court care home, Haywards Heath connected with relatives, staff, families and children. The experience was very enlightening and emotional. The activity was designed to be inclusive, fun and encourage interaction, building on the positive resources that young and older people have to offer each other and those around them. But little did we know how captivating this latest venture would turn out to be! We have had amazing feedback from all involved. A relative said “Thanks for a lovely event, it was great to chat and to see everyone”. Evelyn and Peggy, residents at Oakwood Court, joined up with Evelyn’s grand daughters Hannah aged 2 and Isabelle, 13 who tuned into the workshop from home on zoom. Evelyn even said during the session “We need this!”. Lots of fun and belly laughter was enjoyed by all as we created our portraits and connected with relatives. Care assistant Charley added, “it was lovely to be part of and we look forward to running more intergenerational workshops in the future”. Thank you for all the fun and enthusiasm and your hard work in pulling it all together Alix; the collages and experience was amazing! Fingers crossed for the world record!

* * * * *
19th Apr

Very well run course

The course was absolutely brilliant and efficiently run. My daughter really loved the amount of different mediums she was able to create with and the fact the some of her creations are able to continue growing at home!! Looking forward to the summer course!

* * * * *
18th Apr

We had a lovely afternoon making slime…

We had a lovely afternoon making slime and experimenting what we could do with it. Kelly was a fabulous host and we received a warm welcome. Would definitely recommend The Creation Station classes to others.

* * * * *
18th Apr

Messy fun a great time.

Messy fun a great time.

* * * * *
18th Apr

great time

We loved our session last week doing hand and footprints. it is perfect for arty/creative mums wanting to get their baby into crafts as early as possible! cant wait to come back!

* * * * *
16th Apr

Slime making and more - Easter holiday

This was a great session led by Alix via Zoom. Started with silk clay making keyrings and more and then finished with slime. Excitement started with box of goodies arriving in the post before the event. Everything was provided so really easy. On the day loads of interaction with every child on the Zoom call. We will definitely do it again with Alix. Thank you so much!

* * * * *
16th Apr

A fantastic few days for my daughter

A fantastic few days for my daughter. She loves Emma and everything they did - came home full of beans!

* * * * *
15th Apr

Fantastic class for babies and…

Fantastic class for babies and toddlers! Great for development and lovely class leader!

* * * * *
15th Apr

Well organised ascusual and Eva was…

Well organised ascusual and Eva was really happy to tell me what a fantastic day it was. Really lovely to hear that she was able to do something with new friends.