How to press flowers in the microwave and create your own photo frame.

Enjoy this fun activity and retain the beauty of freshly cut flowers!

Enjoy this fun activity and retain the beauty of freshly cut flowers!

 What you will need:

•      An assortment of colourful flowers - the stronger the colour the better. Deep reds, pinks and purples work really well. White and light pink flowers tend to go brown in the microwave.

•      An assortment of leaves.

•      Paper

•      Kitchen roll

•      A ceramic dish or tile

•      A plain wooden frame

•      Liquid PVA glue

Pressing Flowers to make a photo frame

How to press flowers and leaves in the microwave:

Please carry out this process in a well-ventilated room.

•      Select the flowers you wish to use and cut the flowers from their stems close to the base of the flower. Also select and cut some leaves.

•      Take 2 pieces of paper and fold them in half, then reopen them again.

•      Place the flowers and leaves on one half of each paper.

•      Fold over the paper covering the flowers and leaves and then place on top of two sheets of kitchen roll.

•      Place into the microwave and cover with another two sheets of kitchen roll.

•      Next use a ceramic dish or tile (or any heavy dish suitable for a microwave) and place it on top of your paper.

•      Set the temperature to the defrost setting for a less intense heat.

•      Heat for 1 minute.

•      After a minute take out your paper and check on your flowers. If they are not fully dry, place them back in the microwave and heat for intervals of 30 secs, until they are flat and dry to the touch.

•      Use the same process for your leaves.

Flower frame

Decorating your photo frame with your pressed flowers:

•      Take your wooden frame and decide whether you want it to be in landscape or portrait.

•      Play around with different designs.

•      Once you are happy with your final design, glue your flowers and leaves onto your wooden frame.

•      When they are all glued securely into place, apply some glue over the top of the flowers and leaves to seal them. Don't worry the glue will dry clear!

And there you have it - your very own beautiful frame!

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