How to paint dot an Easter egg #MakeItMonday

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Easter is creeping up, it's only 11 days until Good Friday! 
it's nearly time to stock those chocolate eggs and go on Easter egg hunts! How exciting :D 
But before you do all that, check out how to decorate an egg in a unique way in our new #MakeItMonday video.
It's so easy to do and you will love the end result as well the process of dot painting an egg. 

You will  need: 

  • An egg
  • Paints of different colours
  • Brushes of different sizes
  • A knife
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

Step 1:
With the knife, gently make 2 holes on both top and bottom of the egg. Be careful and don't rush so the egg doesn't crack.

Step 2
Blow the yolk and egg white out of the egg by either using a straw or your mouth. Be 
patient :) 

Step 3:
Glue the ribbon to the egg and make a bow on top.

Step 4
Using the ends of brushes, dot the colours to create your unique patterns and designs. 

Why do we exchange eggs at Easter time, what do they represent? In Christian faith eggs represent a symbol of new beginnings, new life and renewed faith. The act of exchanging gifts of eggs dates back to the time of the Egyptians and Persians! Painted eggs were given as gifts to symbolize fertility and new life

Chocolate Easter eggs were not introduced until the early 1900s. Before the exchanging of chocolate eggs, gifts consisted of decorated chicken eggs and stuffed hollow cardboard eggs

Different countries celebrate Easter in different ways. In Sweden they do not have an Easter Bunny, they have an Easter Wizard!

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18th Jan

Excellent craft session

Nicole is always lovely and the session today was great. My daughter loves doing the craft activities. Thank you

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Fantastic class my little boy loved…

Fantastic class my little boy loved getting messy with paint and eating it without me telling him off

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Such a lovely session

Such a lovely session. My children throughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much

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A brilliant club my daughter loves it and Viv is so lovely.

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Brilliant session! My nearly 3 year old loved it. Lots of activities to keep the little ones engaged. Sharon was enthusiastic and positive. Will definitely come again!