Hanging Bat decorations

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Make your own spooky bats to decorate your house at Halloween


hanging bat


You will need:




















  • A4 White paper
  • Pencil
  • A4 Black card/sugar paper
  • Wiggly eyes
  • PVA glue
  • Wool/string
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors


Optional extension materials (see below if required):












  • Glitter
  • Paint
  • Clothes peg
  • Double sided tape


All items are available at the Creation Station Store

Step 1 

Using the white A4 paper print out or draw the template of the bat and cut it out.

(If you are drawing it by hand a great way to make sure both sides are the same is to fold a piece of A4 white paper in half like a book and draw half of the bat using the fold as the centre of the bat. Using the scissors cut out this shape and when you open out the piece of paper you will have a complete bat.)

bat template 2

Download the Bat Template

Step 2

Place the template onto your black card or paper and draw around it. Using your scissors cut out your bat. You may have to use your super senses to see the pencil line.

bat template

Step 3

You can then decorate with wiggly eyes. Using the hole punch add a hole at the bottom of its body and tie a piece of wool or string through the hole. You can make this whatever length you want depending on where you are hanging your bat.

bat with eyes and hole

Step 4 (Optional)

If you want you can decorate your bat to make it even spookier!  You could use PVA glue and sprinkle on some glitter or print different patterns or even paint on some vampire fangs!

Your bat is now finished, using an adults help hang the bat in your house or outside your front door ready to scare your friends.

How many bats will you make? Will you try and make them big and small? Try hiding them high and low and see if your friends find them all.

london EXTRA: Another option is using double sided tape to attach a clothes peg, it can then be used to display your creepy creations.

We would love to see pictures of you making and using your amazing creations so please send photos to


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16th Jul

My son enjoyed these art classes

My son enjoyed these art classes. I wish they were available all through the year. 3 sessions are not enough.

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16th Jul

Georgia’s party

Rebecca was excellent at my daughters arty birthday party. She kept all the children engaged in the art activities for an hour and they all loved it! Especially the slime making and guessing what was in the secret trunk! I would definitely recommend Rebecca and Creation Station. 5 stars!!!!

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16th Jul

My boy loved The Creation Station

My boy loved The Creation Station, he can’t wait to go back

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16th Jul

Great variety of activities

Great variety of activities

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16th Jul

A lovely time spent on a Friday morning…

A lovely time spent on a Friday morning such lovely original ideas and things to make Gayle is very caring to the children you can see she loves what she does

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16th Jul

Our son has loved it!

Our son has loved it!

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16th Jul

Brilliant group ran with inspiration…

Brilliant group ran with inspiration and confidants. My little one loves it .

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16th Jul

Fabulous party hosted by Chantal

Fabulous party hosted by Chantal. The 8 year old birthday girl and her guests made some beautiful creations to take home and the party was stress free. I would highly recommend.

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15th Jul

Very enjoyable

Very enjoyable, looking forward to the next one ?

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15th Jul

Highly recommend!

My Daughter loved this club. She was so proud of her creations and rightly so! Always came out so happy and lots of chat about what they had done in the group.