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Day 4-Creation Station Christmas Countdown

Snowman Skittles

It's starting to get much colder now isn't it? Are you stuck for ideas for fun activities you could do with your child? Try this fun festive activity while you are snuggled up warm at home!

This is a great fun activity for all the family, but also a great way to help with your child's motor skills!

You will need:

  • Plastic cups x 6
  • Sticky dots – or even a marker pen
  • Pair of socks (rolled up) – or a plastic ball would also work – it’s just not as squidgy for indoor play!


Picture 002

Decorate all the cups with snowman faces using the stickers or a marker pen ( you may be just too excited to play that you don't get to decorate all the cups don't worry.)

Picture 009

Practice building your cup tower a couple of times and show your child how to balance the cups on top of each other in a pyramid.

Picture 016

If you want, you can count down each time before you throw the ‘ball’ to build up some excitement. Who can knock down the most cups each time. Each time you throw it work your way backwards across the room to see how far they can aim throw!

Picture 010

Picture 014


A fun activity for any child and adults too! You can extend the fun by racing each other to see who can rebuild the tower of cups the quickest each time.


We would love to see photos of your snowman skittles, send your photos to and show us how much of a fun time you had!


What people say

Excellent 4.8/5

6789 reviews on Trustpilot

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8th Aug

Holiday club fun

My daughter had a great time at holiday club. She came home proudly showing off all of her lovely creations! She had such a brilliant time and I would definitely recommend to others.

* * * * *
8th Aug

A great holiday club for my boys

A great holiday club for my boys. They very much enjoyed crafting for two days, made some fantastic creations and had lots of fun. Thank you Sara ☺️

* * * * *
8th Aug

My daughter said to give 5* .Both of…

My daughter said to give 5* .Both of them absolutely loved it. Thank you xx

* * * * *
7th Aug

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the…

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the holiday club session at Withycombe, when I asked how many stars she would give Sara's sessions, she said 10!

* * * * *
7th Aug

Fantastic classes!

Emma is so fantastic! The sessions are the highlight of my daughter’s week. She has produced some beautiful work, and is really proud of what she creates. Emma fosters a supportive, encouraging and fun environment for the children to worK in. I would thoroughly recommend her classes!

* * * * *
7th Aug

Austin had a great couple of days and…

Austin had a great couple of days and was very proud of all the creations he came home with, they are exhibited for all to see! Lovely for him to do something different and being a fairly small group was great for him, not too overwhelming. Thank you x

* * * * *
7th Aug

It was great

It was great. I really enjoyed taking part with others from my own home

* * * * *
7th Aug

Great virtual art classes

Great virtual art classes during lockdown- my daughter looks forward to them every week! Great materials supplied through the post and opportunities to learn about shapes, numbers etc.!

* * * * *
7th Aug

Great class with Lisa

Great class with Lisa, she’s always so helpful and makes the classes really interesting.

* * * * *
6th Aug

My four year old absolutely loves his creation sessions.

My four year old absolutely loves his creation sessions once a week. He is doing things that I wouldn’t have thought to do and because it’s a set time each week we’re sitting down and doing it together! The bags are prepared for us with everything in that we need and it is so much fun getting the supplies out and waiting to find out what we are going to do with them each week. Eleanor is interactive and I noticed that on week 3 my young man is speaking out to her and wanting to engage with her. We are so happy to have found the creation station.