Bonfire Craft Activities for Kids - all the sparkle without the bang!

Hi we are The Creation Station, we know it is lock down, we know things are tough but we are going to start this lockdown with some great creative tips.   Bonfire night sparkles without the bang.

Bonfire Craft Activities

Hi we are The Creation Station, we know it is lock down, we know things are tough but we are going to start this lockdown with some great creative tips.  

Every Day we are going to be providing you little challenges and tips of things to do with your kids or even with yourself. So we're going try and keep them short. I have even got my toothbrush, tooth cleaning two-minute timer so I don't go off
track because I can get a bit carried away so I'm gonna set my timer and as it's not Halloween, as we have already done that. As it is Bonfire Night, we're going  be thinking about sparkles. So we have some PVA glue and we're just going to get creative with some PVA glue and a piece of black paper.

So one of the challenges of course, with Bonfire Night (obviously, it's going to be different tonight) is the noise.  Children get very frightened of those noises, so by doing an activity that includes sparkles and talking about different sounds and why the sounds happen can really can really help reduce your child's anxiety around bonfires and those loud cracks that happen at night. 
Of course, we'd love to come up with a solution to help your pets. But, we can only do so much in two minutes. 

Here's another little idea, take some PVA Glue, spread it around and we've got a nice little tray that we use What we are going to do is take the glue, and squirt it over the page.  We have a no singlue use plastics policy so we reduce single use plastic wherever possible, we now use this really nice biodegradable glitter. When we can get the lids off.  So I'll give that to my handy assistant, so we have just the bio-glitter and are pouring it on. Already. It's starting to look quite sparkly. Ahh, of course,
you can do this with lots of different patterns. I am using silver and gold.

My 2 minutes goes quick. this bio-glitter is actually made from eucalyptus leaves. It's pretty cool, there you go. That's how we like to do it at Creation Station it goes straight into that tub and you can reuse the stuff in the tub.
So we've got that one and as the time is going quickly and that's why we aren't calling it a 2 minute challenge!

Another nice way of doing it is call it Magic Writing. I ran this at our local rugby club a year so ago and it went down well.
You take your gluestick and you could write something like a secret word. You can write secret words with lemon juice as well.
That's another activity for another day. So you might not know what my secret word is. You might be able to see the shiny light
You could write secret messages to each other. So you take the the glitter and pour it back on. Pour back into the tubs, then of course with a tray and then you get this lovely secret word. 

See this is what we're all about, keep safe, enjoy your lockdown with some creative tips everyday. 
Somedays they will be live somedays, they will be recorded but we also have online classes and a great range of products on our shop as well. 

Keep safe Bye.


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