Transform Recycled Egg Boxes into Treasured Dolls

Get creative with recycled egg boxes and help your child develop a wide range of skills at the same time.

How to make dolls from a recycled egg box.

Egg boxes are an incredible design. They enable us to transport fragile eggs in bulk, safely. Quite a feat! But with a bit of creative thinking, they can also be a wonderful source of inspiration. 

Here's a fun way to make some cute dolls from your recycled egg boxes. 

*We recommend that you microwave your empty egg boxes in order to sterilise them before using the boxes. 

You will need:
⭐ Egg Box
⭐ Brushes
⭐ Paint
⭐ Scissors
⭐ Ribbon
⭐ Marker

1. For each doll, you will need four egg cups from the egg box*. 

2. Cut each of these out individually. 

3. Trim away excess sticking out at the top of each. They should be smooth cone-shaped. 

4. Paint one cone black, one a skin tone, and the remaining three, a colour of your choice. 

5. Cut the part of the black cone to form the hair. 

6. Make a hole in the centre of the cone, pass the ribbon through and make a loop. 

7. Make a hole in the centre of the remaining cones. 

8. Pass the ribbon through the skin cone connecting the opening with the opening of the black cone and glue them together. Pass the remaining cones through the ribbon so they line up and glue them together. 

9. Draw a face on the second skin-coloured cone. 

Now you have your own recycled egg box doll who can dance and wiggle. What will you call yours? 

Egg Box Dolls

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