How To Make A Recycled Cardboard Spinning Wheel

Reuse and recycle your old packaging materials to inspire your child's imagination and nurture their STEM learning.

How To Make A Recycled Cardboard Spinning Wheel

Creative activities help to develop many skills during childhood, including confidence, hand-and-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. This recycled crafts activity also helps to develop their STEM learning as there are many moving parts for your child to assemble and build.    

It's a fun activity and can be used in lots of different ways once made!  

To make your recycled cardboard spinning wheel you will need the following items. 

You will need:
⭐ Cardboard
⭐ Paint
⭐ Brushes
⭐ Scissors
⭐ Pipe cleaner
⭐ Lolly stick
⭐ Glue


1. Cut a 20cm cardboard into a circular shape with a hole in the centre. 

2. Pass a 2cm length pipe cleaner through the centre. Glue it along with the 4cm circular-shaped cardboard piece at the end 

3. Take another 4cm cardboard circle with a hole in the centre, pass the stick through it. 

4. Pass the stick having the cardboard at the end through the pipe of 20cm cardboard circle and glue it. 

5. Cut a triangle and a rectangle-shaped piece of cardboard out and glue them together. 

6. Use a rectangle-shaped piece of cardboard for the base and glue the triangle, rectangle combination on it. 

7. Make a hole in the triangle and attach the triangle to the wheel. 

8. Colour the wheel with the paint. 

Have fun and enjoy playing with your cardboard spinning wheel!

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