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Give your child a creative, fun, and social After School club. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world" Albert Einstein

After school Create Clubs are packed with fun creative activities and challenges to help your child unleash their creativity! We will help to spark your child's natural curiosity and to develop their own ideas. 

Each term has a unique creative programme to give your child a wide range of hands-on experiences. This is not a ‘Here's one we made earlier' club.  

We focus on helping your child develop their own ideas. We build their confidence to support their decisions making and help them create their own journey of creative exploration.

Every child has so much potential and wonderful ideas. We work to help your child's wonderful self shine out. 

Our clubs aren't about everyone creating exactly the same outcome. It's about every child being encouraged and supported to express their own ideas. 

Each child is provided with safe and quality materials and tools to experiment and create their own unique artwork.  We end our club each week by celebrating how each and everyone one of us is uniquely talented and truly amazing. 🙌 

Create Clubs do also include lots of learning and development. However, this is done through hands-on exploration and discovery and at a rate and pace that suits each child.   

We believe this is how we help kids to love learning and to bring out the best in each and every child.  

How Create Clubs Work   


  • The weekly after school clubs typically run in your childs school for approx an hour. (If you don't have a Create Club in your school yet, please pass on our details to the person who organises the afterschool clubs and we will endeavour to get one set up for you).

Everything provided 

  • We provide all the safe to use tools and materials and overalls. our best clothes!

Bookings and payment 

Create Clubs are listed on our website so you can book directly here. Some schools, however, ask that you book through the school, so please just check whats the arrangements are in your school - thank you.  

If you are booking and paying through The Creation Station website - this is how it works. 

  • Please find your local club and make the booking.  If you don't have an account the booking system will ask you to set up an account. We will email you a confirmation of your booking and payment. You will also be able to see your bookings when you log in to your account.

In some locations, as well as the option to pay in advance for classes, you now have the option to pay with a NEW Pay Monthly option.  Your monthly amount is calculated based on the number of classes running in a year divided by twelve months. (Please note - you can cancel your pay monthly plan anytime).  

The monthly plan option provides you with the following benefits: 

  • Spread The Cost - Rather than paying all upfront, you can now build this into a manageable monthly budget.
  • Best Value - You receive a special 10% discount
  • Priority Booking - Your child is automatically booked into the next programme so you never lose your space
  • Hassle-Free - You don't have to plan, organise or remember to book your child classes. As they graduate from one class, we will automatically enrol your child in their next class

Why Attend After School Create Clubs



Lots of ideas, materials and tools



New activities, ideas and fun



Creative skills, techniqes and confidence

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Your Creative award-winning Create Club Programmes. 

The fun hands-on programmes change every term. Here is an overview of what your child can enjoy in their award-winning Create Club programmes.


 (Running from Sept to Dec ‘21 in England and Wales. Running from August to Dec ’21 in Scotland)  

We are taking our imaginations to the outer edges of the universe and exploring ideas that are out of this world!  Activities may include the following …

  • Design your own magical mystical creatures
  • Recreate the spectacular northern lights
  • Make your own secret searchlight
  • Make your own imaginary puppet friends

.. and much more. When your child completes the programme they receive their own 'Out Of This World' Create Club certificate. 


(Running from Jan’22 to March/April ’22)

Be inspired by the ideas and artwork of the following brilliant artists. Your clubs may include the following…  

  • Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Yayoi Kusama
  • Kara Walker
  • Anthony Gormely
  • Bridget Riley

.. and many more. When your child completes the programme they receive their own Awesome Artists Create Club certificate. 


(Running from April ’22 to July ’22)

Lets your imagination travel to the edges of the world as we unlock creative journeys of exploration, discovery and development. Your clubs may include the following…  

  • Go wild at the Caribbean Carnival
  • Explore the wonders of Thailand
  • Discover the Arctic and its changing environment
  • Create Marvellous Mayan masks.
  • Try your hand at Turkish Ebru Art

... and much much more! When your child completes the programme they will receive their own ‘Around The World’ Create Club certificate. 


(Running from Sept to Dec ‘22 in England and Wales. Running from August to Dec ’22 in Scotland)  

In these Create Clubs your child will create artworks inspired by them to help build confidence and self-esteem. Activities may include the following…  

  • Being Me - create a self-portrait and take part in our Guinness World Record attempt!
  • Create your own signature art
  • Be an undercover agent and a master of disguise
  • Build your own special 3D space
  • Let your hands do the talking and draw dotty doodles

.. and much more. When your child completes the programme they receive their own ‘Selfie Time  - Inspired By Me’ Create Club certificate. 


(Running from Jan’23 to March/April ’23)

Explore the wonders of our natural world through hands-on creative fun. Activities may include the following…

  • Create a musical rainfall instrument
  • Make a leafy luminarie
  • Discover and make your own bug and beasties
  • Paint with natural materials  and make creative flower pots
  • Create a 3D tree to show how the seasons change

.. and many more. When your child completes the programme they receive their own Artastic Nature Create Club certificate. 


(Running from April ’23 to July ’23)

Bring arts into the exploration of science and discover how things work by creative experiments and fun.  

  • Learn about the amazing world of binary coding
  • Design a house of the future
  • Explore our fascinating solar system
  • Create wonderful twirling whirling whirligigs

... and much much more! When your child completes the programme they will receive their own ‘Art of Science Create Club’ certificate. 

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