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Welcome To Your Creation Station Slime Classes

Making, playing and exploring Slime continues to be a huge hit with kids! In your slime classes, your child or children, with LOVE this hands-on fun super slime special session!

What happens at a Creation Station Slime Class?

There are so many possibilities for our tested slime to excite your little ones. 

Create Gigantic Bubbles

Create Gigantic Bubbles

Your child could create fantastically large bubbles

Super Stretchy Slime

Super Stretchy Slime

How far will yours stretch?

Design Your Own

Design Your Own

What colour will you choose?



  • Your slime classes usually run for an hour. However please do check in your local area as timings may be different. 

Everything provided 

  • We provide all the safe to use tools and materials. Plus we provide overalls, but we recommend that you don't wear your best clothes!


  • You can book directly on the website. If you don't have an account the booking system will ask you to set up an account. We will email you a confirmation and you will also be able to see your bookings when you log in to your account.These classes do get booked up quickly so we recommend you book in advance whenever possible.
Slime provides endless fun as we create and explore the wonders of slime!

Local classes are running in your area. Plus if you are looking for a fun creative party that you know the kids will love.  Contact your local Creation Station leader and check availability for your child's next. birthday party entertainment.


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Safe And Secure 

As with all Creation Station activities, you can rest assured that the items we use have been tested to be safe and suitable for children aged four years plus. The recipe we use contains the minimum amount of diluted Boron and is under the European Union safety limit of 300mg/kg.

We also provide plastic gloves for our slime activities and recommend these activities for children aged 4 years and over. So as well as knowing your children are enjoying a safe workshop, you can enjoy the added benefit of not having to worry about the hassle and mess.

All activities are risk assessed by your trained, professional and friendly DBS checked Creations Station leader. Your leader is also first aid trained and GDPR  trained.