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Online event entertainment for your virtual events

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Online events corporrate

If you run a group, organisation, company, or manage a brand supporting your team and customers during these challenging times has never been more important.

At Creation Station we’ve been bringing our creative event entertainment online to support children, families, senior citizens, companies, organisation, charities, and brands across the UK.

There are many types of creative online events, here are some of the most popular ones:  

1. Team building

As we are all working socially distanced having time to connect with each other and be together outside of the usual work demands is more important than ever.  Creative activities that are focused on the process rather than the outcomes help people relax, learn a new skill, laugh together and enjoy doing something a bit different.

2. Well-being activities

There is a huge amount of pressure on so many people at the moment. More people are struggling with mental health than ever before. Our family and adult crafting events have helped people find new hobbies,  switch off and enjoy some mindful creative experiences.   

Mandala fun with Creation Station

3. Celebration!  Having fun because we all need some!

The majority of children have not had a traditional birthday party in the last year.  We offer an exciting range of activities to be enjoyed during a birthday party.  We have had friends and families join the birthday party from across the world to be part of the celebration. So there are benefits to this that couldn’t have happened in a traditional party.

Online events by The Creation Station

4. Themed sessions for groups and  charities 

From Christmas card making with Rays of sunshine and Clintons cards to creating treasured memories with The Leukodystrophy Charity there is a wealth of fun that can be enjoyed online    

Activities include; 

  • Slime online 
  • GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS creative attempt
  • STE'A'M educational sessions 
  • Treasured Memories 
  • Creative challenges 
  • Plus many themed creative craft sessions 

Boy with online events in Creation Station session.

5. Live events create a larger reach

Going 'Live' makes your event be shared and people interact with you with a greater reach than is possible with a fixed location. Our live creative sessions and downloads reached over 1.2 million people during 2020.

Creation Station Online Fun

6. Fundraising for charity or a cause

Bringing groups together who have something in common enable connections and friendships to be made. For PTAs we’ve provided an online session at a fixed rate. The tickets are sold and the profits go to the school.  This model can be adapted to any fundraising activity to help raise funds by having fun! The ultimate Fun-raising experience.

We often leave the ‘online platform’ running after an event so that participants can carry on chatting, which is great to see.

We believe it's not what we make but how we make people feel that makes all the difference.  Our leaders are trained in ensuring each participant is included and involved in the online session and is valued for their contributions and ideas. 

If you are thinking of planning an event, contact us to help you provide the perfect range of engaging activities to delight and inspire all participants.

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