Wellbeing Activities In Care Sector

Creative expression and social interaction are vital to the mental and physical well-being

As we age there are many physical, social and emotional benefits of being involved in creative activities. 

Research shows the acts of creative expression and social interaction are can improve health, both mentally and physically in our ageing community.

Dr Cohen’s research the centre for Ageing, Health & Humanities, George Washington University, claims the following benefits of creative activity:

•  Creativity reinforces essential connections between brain cells, including those responsible for memory.

•  Creativity strengthens morale. It alters the way we respond to problems and sometimes allows us to transcend them. Keeping a fresh perspective makes us emotionally resilient.

•  Challenging the brain can improve sleep and mood disorders.

•  Reading, writing and word games increase one’s working vocabulary and help to fend off forgetfulness.

•  Capitalizing on creativity promotes a positive outlook and sense of well-being which boosts the immune system and fights disease.

•  Having an active, creative life makes it easier to face adversity, including the loss of a spouse.

You can now support your residents with creative, social and positive experiences, without having to plan or organise the activities. 

At Creation Station our approach means that we come to your setting and our 'Creative Activities for Ageing Well' are tailored to the needs of your residents.

Your programme of 'Creative Activities For Ageing Well' is developed to support the work you are already doing. We incorporate a range of art, music, writing and drama we tailor the focus of social, mental and physical benefits to suit the needs of each person. Heres are a few examples of workshops we provide;  

Memory boxes and life books.

Our gentle and fun approach explores and shares memories and where appropriate this info is recorded in their own life story book. This can be very helpful if residents memories deteriorate, to have an understanding of their background, like and dislikes.   

Creating Art To Music

These activities can help residents relax and have a go at creating their own artworks whilst enjoying the music. 

Creative Story Canvas

Using familiar items such as buttons, copies of old photographs and packaging, the inner creative flair is unleashed. The 3D canvases can be used to decorate and brighten bedrooms, corridors and hallways.  

Natures Garden Art 

Creating outdoor artworks for to brighten up garden spaces throughout the year. Plus using nature to create artwork, bird feeders, gratitude tree, pressed flowers, table decorations, festive wreaths etc 

Creative Fun With Little Explorers

Bringing young ones to share some creative fun activities together

Artworks For Everyday Use  

These activities are developed to help people contribute to their community by fundraising or to brighten up local settings. Activities include creating mosaic coasters, decoupage coat hangers, card making, cake decorating,   




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