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Hello, I'm Cheryl and I run the Creation Station franchise for Ormskirk and surrounding areas, Lancashire. I'm a parent of three children - with two girls and a boy over a wide age-range - so I know first-hand what it's like to find fun classes that appeal to everyone and activities that spark their natural curiosity and develop their growing minds. Taking my own children to activity groups, I also valued meeting other like-minded parents and spending good, quality time with grown ups. Those friendship bonds and the support of each other has lasted for years! That's why I am delighted to be able to help you with this; through a whole range of our award-winning craft classes such as our lovely newborn keepsake classes, our preschool baby and toddler classes, arty birthday party entertainment, after school clubs, family fun classes and lots of other events. We also have some fantastic adult craft classes to give you a bit of time for yourself too! You can find out more about all of our children's art and crafts classes, events and everything else going on in and around my area by clicking on the art and crafts activities that interest you below. Or drop me an email with your query and I'll be happy to help. For ease and convenience you can choose the dates that suit you best, then book and pay for the classes online. To receive news of classes, events and special offers, please like my Facebook page to be sure not to miss out on our new creative updates. If you have an event, group booking or a particular request please send me an email and I will respond within 2 working days. Hope to see you at The Creation Station Ormskirk, Lancashire very soon.

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Online Arty Birthday Parties

Give your child a fun online arty birthday party to share with their friends. Choose from the standard package where the guests supply their own products from around their home. Or upgrade to a PREMIUM or DELUXE and we will send a special birthday FUN ARTY BOX to each guest. 

About Cheryl

Why I decided to run my own Creation Station. 
A couple of years ago I was thinking again about doing something different. I've always enjoyed teaching and working with children and their families. I didn't want to lose that but was ready for a change!   I'd loved taking my youngest daughter to different activities on my days off work before she went to school and I'd realised how valuable and special these groups were for both of us. That got me thinking.....  I started to look into opportunities to do something similar and found The Creation Station!  This was just made for me!   An opportunity to combine all the things I love about teaching with arty, crafty activities and experiences - something I love and had always spent loads of time doing all through my life. An opportunity to combine creativity, imagination, exploration, discovery and fun with a new business venture and start a different journey.   I love that, through The Creation Station, I can work with children, babies, parents, grandparents, adult crafters...the list goes all sorts of different places and for all sorts of reasons (sessions/event/parties/celebrations etc) and see how they use their own creativity to make something wonderful from the materials and resources I provide. I see their pride and pleasure in the whole process of making and a real sense of achievement and enjoyment. A sparkly, glittery journey has begun! 

What I did before I ran my own Creation Station. 
Before Creation Station, I was a Primary School Teacher for many years teaching across the key stages and age-ranges in that time.  

What I love about running my own Creation Station.  
I love the flexibility of my own business and the chance to be my own boss and make my own decisions about what is best for me - I love the opportunity of a new adventure! 

Something you probably don’t know about me. 
I used to play the clarinet - I'm out of practice now - but when I was younger I played in the local schools' senior concert band and travelled with them on youth exchanges to places like Germany and Denmark where we performed. 

Things I love doing. 
I love spending time with family and friends. I love crafts and finding/trying out new ways to be creative. I love books and reading. I love photography and take loads of photographs everywhere we go! I love going to the cinema or watching a good film at home curled up on the sofa.  

My favourite joke.  
This is one my daughter found in a joke book last year. She had us crying laughing because of the way she read it out and then we had to explain what it meant and she couldn't understand it for ages!   What's the difference between pea soup and roast beef?  Anyone can roast beef.  

My favourite food.  
Choosing my favourite food is a tricky one!   I'd say I love homemade things best....I really like chicken casserole, quiche and hotpot - but probably not all at the same time!

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Enjoy these fun activity ideas and top tips to help inspire your child.

With love from all of us at Creation Station x

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What People Say

Excellent 9.8/5

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21st Feb

Cheryl is great with the kids and my…

Cheryl is great with the kids and my son had a lovely time every trip weve took to creation station xx

* * * * *
19th Dec

Great opportunity to make crafts with…

Great opportunity to make crafts with your little ones. Theres no worrying about tidying up afterwards and theres everything you could want and need to create the perfect keepsake items or cards.

* * * * *
29th Nov

Excellent Christmas craft session

Excellent Christmas craft session. The kids loved it and the lady running it was amazing with them and had so many ideas to help make some perfect Christmas presents. Will definitely be going again x

* * * * *
19th Oct

Would recommend!

Easy to book our session, great range of materials to use, and a lovely, friendly group leader!

* * * * *
13th Aug

Love it

Just fab! Fab ideas and real value for money per session! Highly recommended

* * * * *
5th Jul

Cheryl was great with the children and…

Cheryl was great with the children and managed to hid their interest.

* * * * *
6th Mar

Online service quick and easy to use…

Online service quick and easy to use and my daughter and I had great time crafting today. I would definitely recommend this to other parents and we will be returning.

* * * * *
29th Jan

A lovely class run by a lovely lady

A lovely class run by a lovely lady. My little girl really enjoyed it. Great structure and not to long that the babies got distracted

* * * * *
22nd Jan

Creation station Ormskirk

My little boy Charlie has been going to creation station at Ormskirk for around 2 years and we create a different masterpiece each week. Cheryl is amazing she really does put so much thought and effort in to each class and it shows. I have been to so many classes over the last 3 years but this is my favourite. If you love painting and messy play but don’t get chance at home then this is the class for you. I highly recommend creation station Ormskirk Cheryl is a star ⭐️

* * * * *
28th Sep

My son and I have a wonderful time...

My son and I have a wonderful time at Creation Station every week!