Hello from Sandra

Haidh, Is mise Sandra Steele agus tha mi a' ruith Creation Station airson Knightswood, Glaschu. Tha mi air leth thoilichte clasaichean ealain a' thairgsinn airson paistean beaga, clann bheaga, partaidhean c'-l'-breith, clasaichean as d'idh na sgoile, clasaichean airson an teaghach is t'rr a' bharrachd. Tha clasaichean cuideachd againn airson inbhich ' ma tha sibh ag iarraidh 'ine air falbh bhon chlann! Airson fiosrachadh a' bharrachd thoir s'il air an duilleag FaceBook agam. Ma tha thu ag iarraidh partaidh no ma tha ceist agad mu dheidhinn na tachartasan, cuir post-dealain thugam agus cuiridh mi freagairt air ais thugad. Hello, I'm Sandra Steele and I run the Creation Station franchise for Knightswood Glasgow. I am delighted to provide a whole range of our award-winning craft classes such as our lovely newborn keepsake classes, our preschool baby and toddler classes, arty birthday party entertainment, after school clubs, family fun classes and lots of other events. We also have some fantastic adult craft classes to give you a bit of time away from the kids. Please like my Facebook page to be sure not to miss out our new creative updates. If you have an event, group booking or a particular request please send me an email and I will respond within 2 working days.

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Our classes

We don't have any classes listed in this area at the moment, please pop back in a few weeks.

Online Arty Birthday Parties

Give your child a fun online arty birthday party to share with their friends. Choose from the standard package where the guests supply their own products from around their home. Or upgrade to a PREMIUM or DELUXE and we will send a special birthday FUN ARTY BOX to each guest. 

About Sandra

Why I decided to run my own Creation Station. 
I decide to run my own Creation Station as I wanted to inspire young minds with fun and creative classes through the medium of Gaelic. I take art classes at week long Gaelic festivals through the summer across the West Coast and thought "Wouldn't it be brilliant if I could do this full-time".  I didn't have the tools/know how or confidence to start classes on my own so I decide to join the infamous Creation Station, here I feel part of a team.  If I need assistance with my business help is only a phone call away.  
What I did before I ran my own Creation Station. 
Freelance Illustrator, bar tender - jack of alll trades!  

What I love about running my own Creation Station.  
I love the happy faces after a creative session :) 

Something you probably don’t know about me. 
I love feet! Anyone for a foot pamper? Form an orderly queue. 

Things I love doing. 
Cooking (not so much the washing up after).   Running (Mo Farah's doesn't need to worry though)  Doodling on my mac.   

My favourite joke.  
Knock knock.    Who's there?  Yoda lady.  Yoda lady who?  Good job yodelling! (Didn't say it was a good one). 

My favourite food.  
I was brought up with two options, "Take it or leave it" so I'll have anything on the menu please! 

Free Stuff

Enjoy these fun activity ideas and top tips to help inspire your child.

With love from all of us at Creation Station x

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22nd Jul

Working with The Creation Station and…

Working with The Creation Station and more specifically Sandra Steele was a joy and a pleasure. From the very first enquiries through the briefing process and on to the final event, nothing was too much trouble. Real thought and consideration was given to the size of the group, the different age range Sandra would need to work with and her complete flexibility meant switching days at the very last minute and extending the time she was on site. It is with absolute pleasure we provide a 5 star rating to Sandra and The Creation station and would highly recommend her.