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Hello, I'm Claire and I run the Creation Station franchise for South Yorkshire and Doncaster. I'm a parent of a little boy so I know first-hand what it's like to find fun classes and activities that spark their natural curiosity and develop their growing minds. Plus, I know the value of meeting other like-minded parents and spending good, quality time with grown ups. That's why I am delighted to be able to help you with this through a whole range of our award-winning craft classes such as our lovely newborn keepsake classes, our preschool baby and toddler classes, arty birthday party entertainment, after school clubs, family fun classes and lots of other events. We also have some fantastic adult craft classes to give you a bit of time away from the kids. You can find out more about all of our children's art and crafts classes, rainy day activities and everything else going on in and around my area by clicking on the art and crafts activities that interest you below. Or drop me an email and I'll be happy to help. You can choose the dates that suit you best and book and pay for classes online with ease and convenience. To be the first to receive news of classes, events and special offers, please like my Facebook page to be sure not to miss out our new creative updates. If you have an event, group booking or a particular request please send me an email and I will respond within 2 working days.

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Online Arty Birthday Parties

Give your child a fun online arty birthday party to share with their friends. Choose from the standard package where the guests supply their own products from around their home. Or upgrade to a PREMIUM or DELUXE and we will send a special birthday FUN ARTY BOX to each guest. 

About Claire

Why I decided to run my own Creation Station. 
In June 2013 I became a mother for the first time. Like many people before me, becoming a parent was the most special time and life changing. During the first few months of my son's new life, I found the baby/parent groups an invaluable lifeline, providing the practical support I needed to help me through the challenges of feeding and sleepless nights.  However, I soon felt that this needed to be supplemented by more structured, fun activities for our children.      When I discovered The Creation Station I just loved the combination of creativity, learning and fun for everyone not just the child. Is was just my cup of coffee! (not really one for tea).     

What I did before I ran my own Creation Station. 
Way back when I did a Fashion BA. which never really took me to the runways of Paris. Yet it started many career pathways into creativity.   

What I love about running my own Creation Station.  
It allows me to combine my creative flair,  and my drive to support others.  I love learning new skills and everyday you learn something new running your own business.

Something you probably don’t know about me. 
I once climbed a mountain, but came down it mostly on my bum!  

Things I love doing. 
Sharing a cookie with my little boy in a café.  

My favourite joke.  
Once upon a time there 3 balloons, mummy balloon, daddy balloon, and baby balloon.   Tired of baby balloon creeping into their bed every night,   "Tonight you must stay in your own bed" said mummy.   When he was sure his mummy and daddy were asleep baby balloon crept into their room and tried to squeeze into their bed.   But try as he might he just couldn't fit in, so he undid the bottom of his mummy and let tiny bit air out of her. But to his dismay he still couldn't fit in, so he crept round to his daddy's side of the bed and undid his daddy's knot and let a little bit of air out. Again he tried to squeeze in but still couldn't quite fit. So he undid himself and let a little bit of air out. Then he fitted in nice and snuggly and fell sound asleep.     When his mum woke up she was furious!   "Get into your own room at once and think of what you have done young man!" she shouted   "I am so disappointed in you! Not only have you let me down and your father down, you've let yourself down too!"  

My favourite food.  
When I asked my little boy this he said it was chicken? but it is really Chocolate and Crisps. 

Free Stuff

Enjoy these fun activity ideas and top tips to help inspire your child.

With love from all of us at Creation Station x

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What People Say

Excellent 9.9/5

28 reviews on Trustpilot

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12th Mar

Home education session

Lovely home ed session with Claire. Warm, welcoming and interesting. My daughter loves art/crafting, so this session gives her a different petspective. Great addition to our home edding week ?

* * * * *
7th Mar

Great range of activities and value

Great range of activities and value for money! My son loved it and was so proud of his creations.

* * * * *
9th Feb

What a lovly workshop

My daughter and I had a lovely workshop for Valentine. Thank you Claire♥

* * * * *
16th Nov

It was my first session with my Niece

It was my first session with my Niece, it was very welcoming, Claire was amazing a delight to chat with, she couldn’t do enough to make sure my niece was getting involved and enjoying herself. It was a lovely atmosphere and a lovely building, wanted to go back next Saturday but unfortunately my niece has a pre arranged birthday party, but will be back soon without a doubt.

* * * * *
23rd Sep

Our first Creation Station

A lovely environment and space for the children to interact and learn. Claire was lovely and friendly. I feel as though the price is a little expensive for the hour and 15mins, however an enjoyable experience for both me and my son.

* * * * *
16th Aug

Messy play

This was my first time at creation with my daughter and she absolutely loved it. Will definitely be going back .

* * * * *
9th Aug

Excellent session

Excellent session, both 3 and 5 year old thoroughly enjoyed it.

* * * * *
5th Aug

Had a brilliant time

Had a brilliant time, the boys really loved it. Would deffinatly go again, good value for money. Really friendly and helpful.

* * * * *
13th Jul

Fantastic time

Fantastic time. Daughter loved making slime x

* * * * *
1st Jul

Fantastic experience

Fantastic experience! My daughter and I loved every moment of it! The group leader was very engaging, friendly and welcoming. We can’t wait for our next class! Thank you