World Bee Day - How To Create A Decorative Floral Table Display With Bees

World Bee Day takes place on 20 May each year, and its aim is to spread awareness of the significance of bees. Bee campaigners also ask people everywhere to do more to help and protect the special insects.

Here's a fun activity for you to enjoy.


What You Need To Make The Flowers:

•    Some twigs from the garden.

•    Different colour tissue paper.

•    A pencil.

•    Scissors.

•    Glue.

Bee tree

How To Make The Flowers:

•    Select what colour tissue paper you wish to use for your flowers. 2 - 4 colours work best.

•    Fold each piece of tissue paper into a small square - about 6cm by 6cm.

•    Draw a 5 petal flower on each tissue paper square. It doesn’t have to be even, this will add to the naturalistic look of the flower.

•    Cut them all out and you will now have piles of different colour flowers.

•    Pair up contrasting colours - using 3 pieces of one colour and 3 of another. Pile them randomly on top of one another, then pick up the 6 pieces of tissue paper and hold firmly in the middle.

•    Next, pinch and twist the paper at the bottom.

•    Pull out the petals, depending on how full you want the flower.

•    Carry on with this process, using all the colours, until you have made as many flowers as you would like.

•    Take a twig and glue on your flowers, covering most of the branches.

•    Decorate as many twigs as you want to create a beautiful floral display.


What You Need To Make A Bumble Bee:

•    Yellow and black pom pom.

•    Black pipe cleaners.

•    Black beads (5mm).

•    White tissue paper.

•    Scissors.

•    Glue

•    Black Fine Line Pen.


How To Make A Bumble Bee:

•    Glue a small black pom pom onto a medium yellow one.

•    Once dry, wrap your black pipe cleaner around the yellow pom pom twice and cut.

•    Next you need to give your bee some eyes. So take 2 black beads and glue them onto the black pom pom head.

•    To make the wings, take a small piece of white tissue paper and draw an outline of some wings - think of drawing a heart shape.

•    Cut them out. Then using a black fine line pen, draw around the edge of the wings and finish by drawing some lines on each wing to enhance them.

•    Next use a pencil to gently push the wings under the pipe cleaner nearest the head.

•    Now your bee is complete!

•    Glue them onto one of your flowers.

•    Carry on making more bees to add to your display.


Once they are all glued into place, put your decorated twigs into a vase or jug and there you have it.....A Hive of Activity!

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Really good class

Really good class. My son who is 20 months old thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the fact I can come here and don’t have to worry about mess in my own home. Will definitely return again

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What a great day we have had playing with paints pens stickers . Had a great plate and a canvas for farthers day present ? . The host aliex was great she helped us and gave us all the tools we needed to do our creative work . She even gave us ideas Can not recommend this enough my boy loved it can not wait for the next one ?

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We had a fantastic time so much fun and love all of our little keepsakes Thankyou so much for all your help we will definitely be returning xx

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Great session and my baby loved it. Will definitely be back