Why creative activities are essential for education, health and the economy.

Creativity unlocks potential and helps to develop ideas and self- esteem and so much more. Did you know creativity can also make a powerful difference to our health and economy too?

  • The arts can help keep us well, aid our recovery and support longer lives better lived.
  • The arts can help meet major challenges facing health and social care: ageing, long-term conditions, loneliness and mental health.
  • The arts can also help save money in the health service and social care.

These findings are from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry 'Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing' July 2017.

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The report showed that engaging in creative activities can have dramatic and far-reaching benefits. Here is s summary of some of the benefits.

Health And Wellbeing

Arts on Prescriptions

The inclusion of visual and performing arts in healthcare environments can help to reduce sickness, anxiety and stress.

An arts-on-prescription project has shown the following:

  • 37% drop in GP consultation rates
  • 27% reduction in hospital admissions.

This represents a saving of £216 per patient

Participatory Arts Programmes

After engaging with the arts the following results were found: 

  • 79% of people in deprived communities in London ate more healthily 
  • 77% engaged in more physical activity
  • 82% enjoyed greater wellbeing.

£1 spent on early care and education has been calculated to save up to £13 in future costs.

Participatory arts activities with children improve their cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional development and enhance school readiness.

  • Participatory arts activities are also shown to help to alleviate anxiety,  depression and stress both within and outside of work.

Healthy AgingCreative workshops  for young and old

Over the past two centuries, life expectancy has increased by two years every decade, meaning that half of the people being born in the West can expect to reach 100. Arts participation is a vital part of healthy ageing.  Arts therapies have been found to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress while increasing resilience and wellbeing.

Supporting The Economy

The UK’s creative industries contribute almost £90bn net to GDP; it accounts for one in eleven jobs, a rate rising quicker than all other parts of the economy. These jobs are also among the least likely to be lost to automation. Many of our commercial companies are shining examples of ingenuity and entrepreneurship. The link between culture and tech and science is strong and growing.

As well as a providing revenue and employment, the arts serve to reduce costs too. Within the NHS, some 10 million working days are lost to sick leave every year, costing  £2.4 billion. Arts engagement helps health and care staff to improve their own health and wellbeing and that of their patients.

Creative activities are well loved and enjoyed by many

Creative workshops for grandparents to enjoy with their grandchildren9.4 million in the UK are involved in some form of every day creativity, such as drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, music- or film-making, singing or handicrafts.

That’s 17%of the population. This is a dynamic and growing sector which will continue to see positive outcomes.

The report found that cultural engagement reduces work-related stress and leads to longer, happier lives. The report also stated that attendance in creative activities tends to be determined by educational level, prosperity and ethnicity.

The Creation Station, the UK’s award-winning creative activity company is committed to making creative arts and crafts activities accessible and available to all ages.

Programmes include:

With over 950,000 children and adults inspired, demand continues to grow for creative activities. If you would like to find out more visit The Creation Station or get in touch by emailing

If you would like to run your own flexible and rewarding Creation Station, find out more here.

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20th Aug

Nakita was amazing my son loved his 2nd…

Nakita was amazing my son loved his 2nd birthday party! Nakita had all the kids engaged regardless of mixed ages and was a delight to work with leading up to the event I really appreciated her flexibility and care towards making the party work based on my sons likes- highly recommend Nakita

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20th Aug

Fantastic workshop booked for Gravity…

Fantastic workshop booked for Gravity Force summer fest experience. The children loved every session with Deepa. Gravity Force will definitely book with The Camberley Creation Station again for future events.

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20th Aug

A friendly fun evening.

A friendly fun evening.

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20th Aug

Very creative although felt a little…

Very creative although felt a little chaotic!

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20th Aug

I took my little girl to the slime…

I took my little girl to the slime making workshop. Antonia in particular is extremely enthusiastic and helpful which is great. My little girl loved it, so really chuffed in all honesty. Wish there were more workshops during the summer holidays as I would have definitely brought my little girl.

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19th Aug

Great fun!

My daughter attended the slime making day today and had so much fun! She loved every minute of it and has been playing with the slime she bought home this afternoon. I would highly recommend and will be attending other classes when we can.

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19th Aug

Both my kids enjoyed the crafts part of…

Both my kids enjoyed the crafts part of the event.

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19th Aug

Lovely, fun evening

What a lovely, fun evening making resin flowers.

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19th Aug

highly recommend Gurjot at Wanstead

I first took my daughter to Gurjot’s class at Wanstead when she was just under 2 years old. At the beginning, she did not want to get her hands dirty with paints and didn’t want to touch the glues. After a term of lessons, she really enjoyed the messy play element and took pride in her paintings and crafts. She would do hand and foot prints with great enthusiasm. Gurjot is incredibly good with kids and is encouraging whilst respecting each child’s individual personality and preferences. My daughter has very quickly formed a bond with her and enjoys interacting with her. I would highly recommend her classes.

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19th Aug

A very enjoyable evening

A very enjoyable evening. Helpful tutor and all we needed to make some great craft. Thank you.