Wellbeing Classes. Thank you and Competition for Schools

Creation Station is supporting teachers and schools with online Create Clubs, Thank You workshops for teachers, plus the chance to win a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt workshop. Discover more...

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Wellbeing Create Clubs from September 

Our wellbeing Create Club sessions called 'Inspired by Me' launch in September for children aged 4 years to 11 years of age. These are interactive sessions, delivered online with crafts supplied. If we do are able to have Face 2 Face clubs later on in the year we will be able to move the online clubs to safe physical clubs. These can be delivered as a lunchtime club, after-school or as workshops.

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To support childrens wellbeing over the summer we will be running our Create Clubs online and where feasible, in socially distanced outdoor spaces this summer. 

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Creative crafters adult online sessions

Thank You To All Teachers: 

If parents or the senior team, want to show their appreciation to the amazing teachers, we have put together a special Creative Crafters fun and wellbeing session as a thank you gift for teachers. You can use craft10 to receive 10% of the event.

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GWR  Our Creative Face Collage

Win an Online GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt portrait workshops for your setting. 

As a thank you to all schools and child care settings we are offering schools a chance to win an online GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS workshop in September.  
With a focus on wellbeing, this interactive and fun workshop will include children's art being entered into our GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt for the largest online gallery of portraits. 

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