Top 5 tips for keeping their nerves down when going to 'big school'

September is a tough period of transition for you and your little one. They have to experience a whole new environment, with lots of bigger, faster and louder kids, and you have to re-adjust to having a little one in primary school - how did it go that fast!?  

Whether you're used to them welcoming you home with a big cuddle and a list of games you must play now or pulling at your t-shirt all day long while you try to tidy up behind their creative whirlwind of fun - it's tough for all. Periods of change can be a source of anxiety for all ages, so here's our top 5 tips to help handle this change, for you and them.

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1 - Set achievable goals

Sit down with your little one before they start back at school and set a goal with them, like learning how to write their name or starting to recognise letters as the term progresses - give them til' Christmas and be sure to continue to motivate, encourage and reward them when they achieve their goals. It's important to note that everyone develops at their own pace - set goals based on their current achievements - remember that failing is just their first attempt at learning. 
For yourself, try setting a goal that gives you something to focus on in the future rather than now, like Christmas preparations or holiday plans. 

2 - Get talking

It sounds so simple, but talking through concerns and worries can be a massive benefit to both of you. Try to keep a positive tone of voice when asking them about their worries with 'big school', let them know it's ok to be worried, but you'll be there to help them through. Make sure to let them ask as many questions as they want - this will help settle them over time. 
For you, remember it's ok to be worried too. Speak with friends, family and your partner and remember that this feeling will pass - in a week or two they will be having a great time. 

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3 - Plan ahead

A fridge chart is always handy for this- help them count down the days of the week, with things to look forward to. This can also be good for keeping track of homework, after-school clubs, and social plans.
For you - get them to help with lunch and breakfast plans - if you find the morning routine a rush get them to choose their breakfast the night before and save time in the morning, alternatively get them to help you make a lunch plan - then start to show them how to make the different things you're making so they build this routine early on.

4 - Encourage new hobbies

Encouraging new hobbies is a great way to keep their minds busy, and get them excited about new things. Often, finding a hobby together can be great for some quality time - whether it's crafting, building dens, or adventuring out in the wild. Finding some time together can be a great antidote to a big change in routine.

Jo Burns
Pictured above is Emma 9, and Katie 6, who have already gone back to school up in sunny Scotland - good luck girls, have a great term!  

5 - Keeping a positive tone 

Keeping positive when talking with your little one is above all the most important thing you can do. It reassures them that this big change will be ok. It's great for you too and can make the transition a lot easier for all. 

We hope these tips help settle those nerves for you and your ray of sunshine. 

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