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Three Top Tips for Women in Business as featured in 'Inspire' section of the Daily Mail

Sarah Cressall founder and managing director here at Creation Station spoke to Alison Roberts from the Daily Mail for the 'Inspire' section. Sarah spoke about the challenges of being a woman in business and how her multi-award-winning company The Creation Station, now inspires over one million kids and adults in the UK. 

Sarah DM 1

"To me, power is making things happen without asking for permission" - Beyonce 

Sarah talks about her battle with her health, raising three boys under the age of four and what it takes to transform failure into a learning opportunity and of course, success. 

When Alison asked if Sarah had encountered any sexist attitudes while starting out in 2002 sadly Sarah recalled a time where a "tech expert" refused to acknowledge that Sarah owned the business and spoke only to Sarah's husband, Duncan. 
S DM 2

What advice would Sarah give to other women who are looking to run their own successful business?

"There are three things I have found helpful. firstly,  what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so don't be beaten by the hurdles, burn them as fuel to keep going.  Secondly, embrace failure as a way of learning. To fail is really a 'first attempt in learning', so feel the fear and do it anyway!  and finally, ask yourself this question... 

"What would YOU do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

What would you do? Share this article with us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us... what would YOU do if you knew you couldn't fail? 

Check out the full article out on the stands today, November 5th 2018 or read it here on The Daily Mail's site.  

Want to hear more of Sarah's story? Get yourself a copy of  her number one best selling book "Creative Sparks; Mishaps, hurdles, and ideas to inspire you & yours" 

Or if you want to be the next woman to join The Creation Station business, find out more today about joining our network of amazing franchise business owners here.  

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31st May

Nat has been brilliant

Nat has been brilliant. We have had two packs of the most amazing crafts delivered to our door during lockdown. We have had paints, canvases, pipe cleaners all sorts of fun crafts with ideas to have fun with. Things that we had never heard of or seen before such as noodle doodles. We can’t wait to come to one of your sessions when things get back to normal more.

* * * * *
26th May

My daughter loves the sessions with…

My daughter loves the sessions with vicky and looks forward to them each week.

* * * * *
24th May

The live online creative class

The live online creative class is not only fun, relaxed and educational it has also given my girls something to look forward to weekly and a masterpiece or three to show and be proud of afterward. Both my girls have taken the techniques used from the classes to create more art through out the week. I would highly recommend the Creation Station live online classes. *****

* * * * *
23rd May

Great club!!

my daughter loves vicky and loves doing create club. vicky goes out of her way to make sure the children get the best experience. we missed a session but vicky took the time to do a one to one session so my daughter didn’t miss out. Thank you Vicky ?

* * * * *
22nd May

We find Creation station brilliant

We find Creation station brilliant! A wide range of activities using all kinds of materials (all supplied to!) with a different theme each week. Very entertaining for my 6 year old to let their creative side shine! The host is very friendly and always patient with the children. The sessions usually last for around 12 weeks so great value for an after school club! My little one always looks forward to it! We are currently attending online creation station during lockdown and it’s fantastic! All Materials supplied to our door with super easy instructions to follow (all organised by our fantastic host Jude) It’s kept our routine which is very important for little people. We love it!!

* * * * *
22nd May

Vicky is absolutely amazing with the…

Vicky is absolutely amazing with the kids, she make it really fun and keeps them engaged through out, she also lets me join a little before if needed So that I am not late for my work meetings. My daughter loves create club and can’t wait for the next session. I think it’s lovely Vicky has kept it going for the kids through these difficult times, I am very thankful as it keeps my daughter occupied being the only child and whilst I’m at work. Thank you Vicky ?

* * * * *
22nd May

I love the classes Vicky runs

I love the classes Vicky runs. They are always very creative and my daughter loves them. It's brilliant that she has been able to keep it up during the lockdown too.

* * * * *
22nd May

I order these letters quite regularly…good price, speedy delivery.

I order these letters quite regularly but noticed they had gone up in price from last time, so I looked directly at your site. I was surprised to see that to purchase directly from you was cheaper, so that it what I did. The speed of delivery was excellent and I will always come straight to you in future for my craft supplies.

* * * * *
21st May

Lisa from the Bournemouth /…

Lisa from the Bournemouth / Christchurch group is brilliant. We've attended some of her classes and doing them live on Facebook now. The classes are great for my 3 1/2 year old. We all join in. Learning through play is the way forward

* * * * *
21st May


Absolutely fantastic class really enjoyed the crafts kept my 4year old and 2 year old entertained. Worked well on zoom during current climate Thank you Eleanor