The Best Guide to Create a Fun, Functional Kids Playroom at Home

As parents, you can transform any place at home and create a playroom where your kids can explore, get creative, have fun and learn. When designing a playroom, it’s essential to step in the shoes of your kids. Our complete guide shows you how to create a kids' playroom that your children will love for many years to come.


Plan together with Your Children

You’ll have most of the say about the playroom's design; however, it’s essential to let your children give you some tips before you set up their new playroom. Ask them such questions as to their favourite subjects in school and what kind of things they’d like to have in the room. Do not forget to design a space that’s “evergreen” and one that will grow together with your kid.

Pick a Design and a Theme

Try to stick with themes centred around their favourite activities rather than characters from movies or TV shows.

Dance Studio / Theatre

Add a small stage to the playroom where your children can practice their acting and dancing skills. Stock the room with various costumes, and if your child likes to dance, add a large mirror on one wall of the room.


Fill the playroom with musical instruments. Put up music-themed décor in the room like music notes or images, for example, people or animals singing, dancing, and playing instruments. 


Set up a craft station where your child can paint and work on different arts and crafts projects. Find a place where your kids can show off their art, for example, a bulletin board.


Display your child’s favourite sports on a framed picture of a baseball field, a hockey stick, or a photo of their favourite player. Find some books about sports so your child can read about their favourite team sports and learn.


You can easily make your child’s playroom a fun game room by adding various games. Consider a large game like a foosball table or ping pong table to serve as the room’s main attraction if you have enough space. 


Design the playroom with neutral furniture. 

Choose furniture that’s long-lasting and easy to clean, and aim for multifunctional furniture that includes storage like a storage bench.

Make sure that the entire family can spend time together in the playroom. Think about bringing in a couch and table, so your older children and the adults feel welcomed in this space, too.

Bring in some rugs, curtains, and décor to fill the room with bright and cheerful hues, adjust the decorations as your kids get older.

Make sure that this space has flooring that’s easy to clean. Protect the floors (and your child from accidentally bruising) with some soft, washable area rugs. 

Smart Storage

Your child must have fun in their playroom, but it’s also important that this room stays clean and organized. Make sure your playroom has at least one bookshelf for reading material, sheet music, and other art supplies.

Create Different Zones

Put a small desk in one corner of the room for their homework, and place shelving with art supplies and a craft table on the opposite side. As your child begins to outgrow certain items you can donate them to a charity or your school.

Use Imagination - Get Creative

Hang a swing. Hang a swing from the ceiling of the playroom so your kid can swing as they listen to music or watch television.

Rest area. Naptime is especially important for younger children, so create a “nap zone” with a comfy mat or sleeping bag along with a cozy blanket and some pillows.

Add a slide. Bring a small slide into the playroom for your younger children. Otherwise, install a tube-style slide that will whisk your child from one floor to the next for great entertainment.

Create a chalkboard wall. Paint one wall with black chalkboard paints this way your child can sketch and create masterpieces. If you do not want to paint a wall this way, bring in a large freestanding chalkboard and place it against a wall.

Make a slime corner. Playing with slime is really fun, but it can also get messy. Make a special “slime station” with all of the supplies and then put everything away when they’re done. 

Designing a functional kid’s playroom does not have to be expensive. There are so many ways to DIY and get creative using items you already have lying around your home that you do not use anymore or can repurpose. The key is to make sure that you and your kid are having fun while you plan and decorate the playroom. We're sure everyone will want to come over and play at your house once the playroom is done.


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15th Jun

Really good class

Really good class. My son who is 20 months old thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the fact I can come here and don’t have to worry about mess in my own home. Will definitely return again

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15th Jun

Really enjoyable morning

Really enjoyable morning. No pressure very relaxed. Thank you!

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Arts/crafts for toddlers

Fun and relaxed space for children to get messy and enjoy arts/crafts activities.

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14th Jun

Attended the Fathers day craft session…

Attended the Fathers day craft session today with Alexis. We really enjoyed it, made some cute crafts and the Mums even got a cup of tea and some cake :D Alexis was really friendly and welcoming and so patient with the babies getting their footprints. Thank you x

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14th Jun

Creation station was fantastic

Creation station was fantastic. Due to the pandemic I havnt been able to take my little boy to any classes. He absolutely loved today, he was happy playing and interacting with other children, something he hasn’t been able to do because of lockdown. Can’t wait for next weeks class

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14th Jun

Great fun

What a great day we have had playing with paints pens stickers . Had a great plate and a canvas for farthers day present ? . The host aliex was great she helped us and gave us all the tools we needed to do our creative work . She even gave us ideas Can not recommend this enough my boy loved it can not wait for the next one ?

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14th Jun

We had a fantastic time so much fun and…

We had a fantastic time so much fun and love all of our little keepsakes Thankyou so much for all your help we will definitely be returning xx

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11th Jun

Fantastic session as always

Fantastic session as always! I am always amazed by the variety of resources and different experiences for the children! The time and effort that goes in to each and every session is incredible and we love it every week!!

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11th Jun

Love my Adult creation classes with…

Love my Adult creation classes with Emma. It gets me a at for one night a month to do something that appeals to my creative flair. She’s absolutely lovely too and very helpful over zoom! It’s so nice to do something you enjoy from the comfort of your own home ❤️

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10th Jun

Great session and my baby loved it

Great session and my baby loved it. Will definitely be back