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Tasty Organic Piccolo Partners With Creation Station To Provide Customers With Free Nutritious Treats

Piccolo Partners With Creation Station

We are delighted to announce that we’ve partnered up with Piccolo, the organic, Mediterranean, baby food brand that has taken babies taste buds to delights by storm.

As you know we’re here to help make a positive difference together at the most important stage of life, nurturing journeys of discovery, exploration and development. With healthy yummy food and plenty of bonding and well-being activities, it’s a match made in heaven. Help your little one refuel with a nutritious Piccolo pouch, as we create activities to support each child’s growth and development. That’s why we are partnering with Piccolo to give parents an extra treat when you come to our classes. Our special Baby Discover guests can now enjoy their own tasty Piccolo organic pouch during one of our creative classes.

Piccolo and Creation Station fun

Across the UK and Europe, award-winning company, Piccolo, is shaking up the baby food world with its delicious Mediterranean inspired family recipes and 100% organic ingredients. Launched in 2016, Piccolo is the fastest growing baby food company in the UK. They are passionate about children enjoying the healthiest and most nutritious food from the very start of their weaning journey, and so have created an unrivalled range to help encourage baby’s taste buds to learn flavour from natural means and promote a lifetime of healthy eating. So, it is very exciting that Piccolo will be providing plenty of samples at every single Creation Station class!

Stock up on Piccolo meals in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Waitrose, Boots, Wholefoods, Ocado, Amazon and many more! To find out more about Piccolo, check out their website:

The feedback has been fab from our biggest (and littlest) judges! My Little Piccolo has been going down a storm.   We're loving all the different flavours, to find your nearest Baby Discover class and get involved with your little one check it here...


Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from Piccolo and Creation Station!

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