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Stuck in because of the snow? Enjoy this St David's day activity download and EYFS linked activities .

Daffodil 2018 and

Happy St David's Day. If you are stuck inside because of the snow, here is a great kids colour and collage download activity for you to do.

Take a look at some fun facts that you may not know about St Davids Day:

Who was St David?     

St David was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop, who lived in the sixth century. He spread the word of Christianity across Wales. His names in Welsh is Dewi Sant.

Why is the leek the national emblem of Wales?                                                         

There are many explanations of how the leek came to be adopted as the national emblem of Wales. One is that St David advised the Welsh, on the eve of battle with the Saxons, to wear leeks in their caps to distinguish friend from the enemy.

What was St David most famous for?                                                                         

The most famous story about Saint David tells how he was preaching to a huge crowd and the ground is said to have risen up so that he was standing on a hill and everyone had a better chance of hearing him.

Why is the daffodil so popular on St David's Day?                                               

The daffodil is a generic Welsh symbol which is in season during March. The Welsh wear this symbol on their lapel.

Click on the image to download, or right click on the image to save the image to print.

Here are some Early Years Foundation Stage linked additional activities you might find helpful. These activities also support home learning.

Creative play and exploration through arts and crafts can support your child’s individual development. The activities below follow the early year's guidelines with the focus to develop the following skills:

Working together; communication skills; literacy, language and mathematical skills; technology; creativity and personal and social development.

We hope you and your child find them helpful.

Communication and Language Development

Vocabulary to encourage – growing, petals, yellow, green, trumpets, spring, stalk, warm.

Talk about Spring, the days are getting longer and the dark nights a little shorter.

Physical Development

Ad the grass begins to grow (although not if it's snowing!), you will soon see lots of daisies  - learn to make a daisy chain.

Learn how to plant flowers.

Personal, social and emotional development

Discuss why do people like receiving flowers? 

Talk about how to looking after plants.

Literacy development

Focus on the letter 'd'. Find and make a collection of things that begin with the letter 'd'.

Draw a daffodil bulb and through a series of pictures show the process of its growth into a daffodil.

Mathematics and Science

Look at a Hyacinth bulb and get a special glass container that allows you to see the growth of its roots.

Using the daffodil activity sheet, colour and cut out a lot of Daffodils. Put in groups of threes and fours.

Understanding the world

Find examples of different types and sizes of daffodils. Identify different types of Spring flowers. 

Talk about the different seasons in the year.

Expressive arts and design

Using the daffodils that you made for the Mathematics and Science, can you stand them up in a pot?

We would love to hear about any activities you have been involved in for St David's Day or linked to the daffodil. Upload your image and comment to on The Creation Station Ltd Facebook or Twitter with #inspireimaginations. 

If you have found this helpful please feel free to share to help us inspire imaginations - thank you. 

Your Creation Station Crew :)

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4th Aug


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Today me and my daughters participated in two free taster sessions with Kelly via Zoom. One was for babies and the other was for children of a similar age to my four year old. Kelly was so so friendly and that really came across even through a screen. I loved the variety of activities the girls did, each creating a very different name plaque and one princess mirror. The bags were delivered last week which gave me time to look through them and just made everything smooth and organised. We are defiantly interested in further sessions around yearly events such as Christmas. If the virtual session today was as good as it was I can only imagine how fun and engaging a real life face to face one would be! Thanks again Kelly!!?

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4th Aug

Excellent session and good value-…

Excellent session and good value- especially with the £4 refreshment credit. My children had a lovely time and it was such a beautiful location too. Lovely to finally be able to get out to a group after all these months of lockdown so thank you to Kelly for being inventive and finding a safe way to do this during this crisis. We are looking forward to the next session!

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4th Aug

My little girl loves creation station

My little girl loves creation station. She talks about all her creations when she gets home and it helps that the wonderful Kelly is so patient and kind with all the kids! It gave me the confidence as a parent to try new crafts with scissors (eeek) and glitter (double eeek)! The sessions are so much fun!

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3rd Aug

Really lovely morning

Really lovely morning. Great organisation. Fabulous venue. Highly recommended.

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22nd Jul

Great online classes

Great online classes, my son looks forward to them every week and really enjoys them. Great value aswell for all the materials you get.

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21st Jul

Lovely evening crafting

Lovely evening crafting with Nat Jaquiss. All resources that you need are supplied and guidance on how to complete craft is given. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. Thank you.

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20th Jul

Well organised and excellent value for…

Well organised and excellent value for money. Claire is brilliant with the children. Annie (7) really loves these classes and my eldest daughter is looking forwArd to the 11+ classes. Would highly recommend :-)

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20th Jul

Creation Station Halifax

My six year old son has just had his third online session of creation station. All the materials were delivered by Claire ready for the sessions. He has loved trying to guess what he will be using each week. The instructions given by Claire online are easy for the children to understand and good cultural links. Bailey has really enjoyed getting creative and can’t wait for the next session.

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20th Jul

Perfect for children

My children really enjoy their creative time with Claire.

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19th Jul

Learning Macrame

Really enjoyed the zoom session learning macrame Pre course instructions were good. Everything needed was delivered to us. I’d highly recommend.