Struggling To Find The Perfect Kids Christmas Gift?

Give A FAB Gift This Christmas To Inspire And Delight

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Buying gifts that truly engage and inspire children can be difficult.

With so screen time, it's hard to find a gift that will excite and grab their attention. 

Here at The Creation Station, we have the perfect FAB way to inspire and delight kids from the age of 5 to 11 years.

Plus, there's lots of fun to be shared with the whole family so a great way to spend quality time with your kids.

We’ve designed the perfect solution! The award-winning Fun Arty Boxes,

They are FAB!

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FAB's have been designed to nurture creativity at home, and also if you’re travelling or visiting family and friends. There are twelve different themes which are personalised with your child’s name and posted to you each month for a year. They offer a unique experience packed with over ten activities and ten further creative ideas to inspire and delight your child. 

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So how can you get your hands on this awesome gift?

There are three ways to give FAB as a gift.

  1. Choose to give a single box click here to choose
  2. Join the FAB monthly subscription and receive your twelfth box free click here   
  3. Best Value! Pre-pay for  twelve boxes for the price of ten (saving £75.00)  and the personlised FAB's will be sent at the beginning each month click here

Pop the details of the lucky child’s name in the comments box and when you would like the FAB fun to start. Once we have received your order we will drop you a line to confirm all the details.

Here's to providing FAB inspirational gifts.

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