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Sisters are doing it for themselves with their own flexible and rewarding Creation Station

Many of us dream of running our own business. Yet to be able to work with your sister, doing something you love, involving your children, with loads of support along the way, may seem an impossible reality.

That’s what the sisters Yat-Chen and Yat-On thought.

This was before Yat-On took her eldest daughter Evie to her first Creation Station children's toddler class in Welwyn Garden City. Both mum and daughter loved it. Yat-On felt it would be perfect for her sister, Yat-Chen to run her own Creation Station. Yat-Chen had always loved art and took Art & Design and Ceramics at Secondary school. She used to help design their Chinese takeaway Christmas shop front window from the age of around 10! The Creation Station has helped inspire over 950,000 children and adults in the UK and is the market leader for creative activities. The positive values of the company resonated with the sisters.

Yat-Chen requested the information pack and came along to a Creation Station Franchise Discovery Event and loved the ethos and whole business, but it wasn’t the right time.

After a few years, the sisters ended up living near each other. Their children were similar ages and enjoyed sharing their childhood together. The sisters said they were learning about parenting together too!

Baby, toddler, children and adult activity classes  in Hatfield,  Welwyn Garden City  and St Albans, Hertfordshire

Out of the blue, the local Creation Station was up for sale as the owner had a change in personal circumstances. Yat-Chen and Yat-On recognised this was something they could do and enjoy together. The Yats decided the timing was perfect to join The Creation Station family.

Yat-On said “Our parents were very hard-working so had little time to give us a wide range of creative opportunities when we were young. We both feel it is important for children to experience different environments at a young age. Arts and Crafts is an effective way to help children explore, discover and develop. The Creation Station approach supports children to grow and develop at their own rate and pace”.

Yat -Chen agrees and commented, “I love that our own children can take part in the fun too. I’ve always wanted to run a business and having the support of the Creative hub head office team provides a great sense of security as well as lots of help.

Event entertainment in Hatfield,  Welwyn Garden City  and St Albans, Hertfordshire

Running our own business has provided the flexibility we wanted for our family time. We control the hours we work and we both love being our own boss! We run six Baby Discover and Little Explorer classes during the week and family fun sessions over school holidays. We also provide monthly Tiny Treasure classes for parents to make special and unique keepsake items with their newborns. Parents often mention how nice it is to get out of the house and make such special items with their babies.

We run adult Creative Crafter events, which are brilliant fun! Our one was in aid of the charity, Action Duchenne. We also run a monthly Cantonese Creation Station class for families to help increase exposure of the Cantonese language. Where families gather, we can provide our creative fun. We've loved providing activities for local events including Living Crafts at Hatfield House, Welwyn Garden City Food Festival, St Albans Festival and Meraki music festival in St. Albans. 

We can tailor our business to suit us and it’s lovely to be able to nurture creativity in the community. We’ve made some great friends and partnerships. It’s very empowering running your own business. It’s fun to deliver and we can see the positive differences we are making.

We love sharing parenting experiences and take great delight in watching parents and carers grow with their children as they attend our events and classes and bring friends along too. As our reputation grows, we have big plans for the future. We plan to develop after-school clubs and are approaching schools who would like The Creation Station to help inspire their pupil’s imaginations. We are also keen to provide our care and creativity sessions for senior citizens in Residential and Day Centres.

Although we are at the beginning of our journey, we have learnt and developed so much already. We would like to thank all the families, businesses and other contacts that have been so helpful so far. We are very much looking forward to expanding our Creation Station business and helping to nurture creativity and inspire imagination in and around Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and St Alban’s area".

If you would love to come along to one of the Yats' children and adults classes in and around in Hatfield,  Welwyn Garden City and St Albans, Hertfordshire, click what's on 'near me'. Or if you are looking for some event entertainment or a fun birthday party entertainer, get in touch with your local event and party entertainer here.

Have you ever thought about running your own business doing something you enjoy but have felt the time wasn’t right? If your circumstances have changed and like the Yat’s, you feel you want to explore some new opportunities, find out about running your own Creation Station franchise. Over one hundred people run the own Creation Station franchise and the award-winning classes, parties and events are rated 5-Star by over 2,300 customers.

If you would like to find out more, request your free information pack, it could be the opportunity you are looking for.

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Excellent 4.8/5

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15th Oct

A lovely party

A lovely party. The girls loved it and it was very straight forward for me, no setting up or tidying to do. Easy and fully recommended. Thank you

* * * * *
14th Oct

Fab Christmas craft workshop

Fab Christmas craft workshop, great prices too

* * * * *
14th Oct

Emma puts on an amazing group which…

Emma puts on an amazing group which both me and my little ones love!

* * * * *
14th Oct

Brilliant craft class

Brilliant craft class, I really enjoyed myself. Having only ever tried out craft with my children it was nice to do something for myself. Tracy as always is lovely and welcoming. Will definitely be coming to the next one! Thanks Tracy.

* * * * *
14th Oct

Lovely teacher great session

Lovely teacher great session

* * * * *
14th Oct

Host was very friendly

Host was very friendly, informative and loved her position in this role. Event was well organised, well stocked and a lot of messy fun. Loved it!

* * * * *
13th Oct

Love making Christmas cards

Love making Christmas cards with creation station. Always lots of materials to use and Sarah is always on hand to help with ideas! We have also attended classes to make canvases which are brilliant keep sakes!

* * * * *
13th Oct

Great Time

We went to the southport class to make Xmas cards, the lady was very good and explained everything really well. Both my little boys had a great time and would definitely go back.

* * * * *
13th Oct

Great party

My daughter had an amazing 5th birthday party. Well organised and lots of fun. Thanks Antonia and Zeynab

* * * * *
13th Oct

I had an enjoyable experience with my…

I had an enjoyable experience with my daughter making Christmas cards.