Outdoor safe socially distanced creative sessions this summer in out door spaces and schools this summer.

Inspire the kids this summer as they explore the art of science. Creative fun and brain fuel too. Creation Station is providing safe socially distanced creative sessions this summer in outdoor spaces and online too. find out more

Create Club   Art of science   SUMMER 20

We have tailored our Create Club sessions to provide fun arts and crafts creative themed sessions in outdoor spaces as well as online. 

Outdoor fun 

These socially distanced creative sessions provide activities for each child to enjoy in outdoor space in line with our coronavirus policy 

Online fun 

We are also providing our Art od Science programmes to you to enjoy at home. These sessions are live streamed on Zoom or you can join in pre-recorded sessions 

Outdoor Create Clubs Art of Science Summer 2020

Children can explore and discover the wonder of science through creative sessions. Our sessions spark each child's natural curiosity so the create their own journey of learning. The fun activities bring Arts in Science Technology, Engineering and Maths and help develop a wide range of skills through fun activities.   

Activities include:

  • Solid to liquid  -Gloop, glorious gloop
  • Power of nature - Wind catchers
  • Exploring absorption – marvellous rainbows
  • Computers and binary code keyrings
  • The solar system – marbling planets
  • Force and reaction – gliding robots

All of The Creation Station team have put stringent measures in place to ensure our children can continue to enjoy being creative with us in a safe environment

Our activities have been reviewed and changed to comply with safe Coronviruis Operating Policy. 

Read our Coronvirus Policy here.

To request a club in your outdoor space or to join one of our summer clubs pop

contact us

Here's to helping make the summer inspiring for al children  

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