On your marks...get set....go!

It is the London Marathon this weekend so why not get your kids out in the garden or a local park and have your own mini race.



marathon blog montage



Spend the morning decorating your own racing vests and then get on your racing shoes.



Simply cut a piece of lining paper or any large pieces of paper you have at home (maybe some left over wrapping paper) in a long rectangle with a hole in the middle to pop your head through.



Get your child to decorate the whole piece of paper, so that there is a design on the front and the back, not forgetting to include that lucky racing number.



 Place it over your little ones head and use sellotape or elastic to connect the front and back together along the two side seams.



Untitled-1marathon medal_edited-1



You could also make your own medals for everyone taking part in your race. When you have decorated your giant medal, simply cut it out and attach a loop of ribbon or crepe paper on the back so that you can hang it around your neck.



Download your marathon medal here.



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15th Sep

The session was brilliant

The session was brilliant. Joanna was a perfectionist, she completely understood that due to the nature of the class, artworks had to be immaculate (very difficult for a bunch of babies!!). She was extremely patient and managed a very busy crowd so well. There were masses of materials and you were free to do as you pleased. We didn't feel rushed. Great session, definitely recommended!

* * * * *
15th Sep

Brilliant class

Sarah is nothing but professional and amazing with the babies. She got them all engaged in the class and we got to make another brilliant keepsake. Sarah is fantastic!!!

* * * * *
15th Sep

Lovely and fun acitvity

We have really enjoyed the messy activity with my baby! Thanks Dani for being a excellent person and lovely with all the families! We will come back! Xx

* * * * *
15th Sep

Fun and friendly

Fun and friendly, lovely to have keepsakes to take home.

* * * * *
14th Sep

Love Lisa's classes

Love Lisa's classes. I think it is such a small price for an amazing keepsake and you can create memories while doing so

* * * * *
14th Sep

A really nice evening

A really nice evening spent making some lovely crafts! I had an excellent time with my friend, who had suggested the evening in the first place, and now I have some nice reminders decorating my windowsill and bookshelf.

* * * * *
14th Sep

Fabulous family morning creating…

Fabulous family morning creating special memories and of course Christmas cards. Great preparation email and everything ready on our arrival. Sharon was as helpful as always ensuring we had everything we needed to create our designs. Thank you

* * * * *
14th Sep

Christmas card making!

Can’t fault Jo and her sessions. We’ve attended a couple of them and nothing is too much trouble and my little one loves getting messy. Can’t wait to get my Christmas cards through from this session!! Roll on December when we can start again with my youngest.

* * * * *
14th Sep

Welcoming, creative and fun!

It was such a lovely class. I usually avoid stuff like this with both my toddlers but it was so well-organised and the resources were so manageable that it was fine with two. The boys both loved it and the art they came home with was fab. Thank you!!

* * * * *
14th Sep

Love this class

Love this class! So pleased to be back after the summer break. Debbie is wonderful and creates a relaxed atmosphere for exploration and creativity .