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Make your own Marvellous Monsters at home!! A fun activity to inspire your little ones. 

grrmonsterYou will need:
















  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper Bag
  • Tissue paper
  • Sequins or Buttons
  • Optional: Shredded Paper, Card, Wiggly Eyes, Feathers, Lollipop sticks, Pipe Cleaners


Alternatively look through your recycling box and see what you can use, for example old magazines are great for coloured paper and patterns or images of facial features.


1. Use the paper bag or a piece of card as the basis for the monsters head.



2. Body parts can be added with card. You can even use tissue paper/lollipop sticks/pipe cleaners to make arms or legs.






3. Be as creative as you can designing the face using lots of colours and textures.






4. Glue on all the materials and leave to dry.

5. Your monster can now be used as a puppet and is ready to embark on lots of amazing adventures.



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16th Feb

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16th Feb

I really loved this event

I really loved this event! The host was so lovely and easy going, she explained everything really well. It was fun, laid back and great time to socialise with other Mums. Would definitely attend another event.

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16th Feb


Excellent class and great that it was set up at a table for this age group rather than the floor. Little one enjoyed it a lot with friends. Definitely recommend.

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Very enjoyable evening crafting, with like minded people!

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16th Feb

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Great fun and enthusiastic teacher. My little boy really enjoyed himself.

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A lovely couple of hours making Valentine's day themed presents using my daughter's footprints. Lots of choice in arty activities and a range of resources at our disposal. A really nice, relaxed atmosphere in which to chat with other moms, bond with your baby and create keepsakes. Thank you - already booked the next one!

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My son loves to make something new…

My son loves to make something new every week

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15th Feb

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Great experience girls loved it and precious memories were made. Thanks

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15th Feb

Baby footprints

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15th Feb

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An amazing 1st to share with my Daughter. Emma was very friendly and talked us through what needed to be done we have walked away with a beautiful keepsake. Thank you