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Managing The After-School Meltdowns!

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Being a child in today's world can be exhausting!  With busy school days, full of many challenges from learning new skills, social interactions and a huge range of emotions, it's not surprising that our children can seem to be 'running on empty'!

As adults our brains are more developed and better equipped to cope with the minefield of challenges that we can encounter each day, but added to a steady flow of external stimuli, concentration, tiredness and potential hunger, our little ones can understandably struggle to process everything.  Known as 'after-school restraint collapse' - the resulting 'meltdown' that parents often encounter is becoming more apparent as academic expectations are raised and children become increasingly over-scheduled. 

At the end of a busy school day what children need is a space to relax and decompress - but in a calm and fun way.  After-school clubs are an excellent way to help your child to transition from their busy fun-filled day and begin to process everything.

Bringing Award Winning Creativity To Your School!

Our award-winning 'Create Club' programmes offer a fun, creative session for children to explore and create using a wide range of materials.  They can relax and wind down whilst using their imaginations to discover and develop their ideas from within our educational based themes.  Jet in outer space, travel around the world, explore the wonderful world of science and be inspired by nature - and much more!  

Would your child love to paint, draw, model, sculpt, collage, cut, stick, squish, squirt, mark, make, transform, laugh, imagine, think, create, experiment and make new friends?

Fun, award-winning art & craft exploration with The Creation Station

With the squeeze on creativity in the education system, we are proud to support children, parents, teachers and governors with fun and educational Create Clubs, and are delighted that our programs have won the prestigious 'Innovation in Children's Education Award'

If you would like to find your nearest Create Club provider please visit If there isn't one already available just let us know and we will ask your local Creation Station provider to contact you and discuss your needs.

What people say

Excellent 4.8/5

6128 reviews on Trustpilot

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28th Jan

Really easy to book and great price

Really easy to book and great price! My daughter (7 months) attended her first discovery session, after we've been to a tiny treasure session and a drop in session, she absolutely loved it, as did I. I would definitely recommend going to creation station sessions and Joanna is fab too.

* * * * *
28th Jan

Engaged children

I am very pleased with the experience so far. My child comes home each week engaged & excited about what she has achieved & learned.

* * * * *
28th Jan

My daughter comes home brimming with…

My daughter comes home brimming with artistic excitement!

* * * * *
28th Jan


Kelly was fab. My daughter really enjoyed her after school session yesterday & cant wait to go back next week.

* * * * *
28th Jan

Freddie loves coming to create club

Freddie loves coming to create club, he always comes out so proud of what he's made

* * * * *
28th Jan

Party for 9 year old

Birthday party with a group of 8/9 year old girls. All had a great time and took home some some amazing artwork (initial canvasses). Slime making inevitably a winner all round. Stress free for parents! Sarah fantastic with the girls. Would highly recommend.

* * * * *
27th Jan

Brilliant morning at the babies first…

Brilliant morning at the babies first Valentines crafts. The items included were lovely. There are so many craft accessories that are available to help with decorating. Lisa is very friendly and helpful at getting the perfect hand and footprint from the babies. Great wee morning!

* * * * *
27th Jan

My girls attended the creation station…

My girls attended the creation station at st Gerardine’s primary and had a fantastic time ! Couldn’t wait to go back every Monday ! Highly recommend to everyone ! Finally a club the kids love ! X

* * * * *
27th Jan

My daughter loves Creation Station!

My daughter loves every minute of the sessions - she comes home absolutely delighted with her creations - and we are so impressed with the quality and variety of activities she is doing.

* * * * *
27th Jan

Memories, experience, learning and MESS!!

I love it, my little girl loves it and Sarah taht runs our classes is just amazing! We have been going for almost 12months now and are just about ready to move up from baby discover to little explorers and we can't wait. My little girl has grown in confidence and independence so much over the 12months that she is now asking Sarah for the next thing activity before we are ready because she knows the routine and can't wait for the messy bit (and I don't have to worry about my carpets)!! Thank you so much! Great value for money, great experience and memories to last a lifetime.