Making The Play-Doh Fun Go Further! | Repurposing Your Empty Play-Doh Pots

At Creation Station we use A LOT of Play-Doh!  We absolutely love that we have such an awesome partnership with Hasbro which enables us to bring super awesome Play-Doh fun to our parties, classes and events but with all our modelling fun also comes lots of empty pots!  Here are some of our favourite ways to reuse/repurpose your leftover Play-Doh pots:

1. Crafty Flower Pots

Decorate your Play-Doh pots with Sharpie pens and then use pipe cleaners and tissue paper to create some colourful flowers.

Beautiful flowers from recycled Play-Doh pots

2. Bird Feeders

Use the empty pots to create sweet little feeders for your feathered friends.

Recycled Play-Doh pots make awesome bird feeders!

3. Seed Growers

The perfect size for growing seedlings in each spring.

Spring time growing with Play-Doh pots

4.  Bubble Snakes

Clean the pots and drill a small hole in the bottom.  Place a piece of cloth or flannel over the open end of the pot and secure with an elastic band or piece of string.  Dip the cloth into a solution of baby bath and water and gently blow through the drilled hole to create an awesome bubble snake!

Recycling Play-Doh pots to make bubble snakes

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What people say

Excellent 4.8/5

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16th Oct

Excellent evening

Excellent evening, good fun, nice crowd, made some lovely Christmas gifts

* * * * *
16th Oct

LOVE! Best baby group by far!

Me and my little girl absolutley love creation station! After trying a few in the area and starting to feel like maybe my baby wasnt as engaged in stuff like this, I found Claire Darnley and her class at creation station and couldn't have fitted in better. Myself and little one felt straight at home and we have come away with some really lovely keepsakes. Claire is an absolute gem to you guys at creation station!

* * * * *
16th Oct

An absolutely lovely session

An absolutely lovely session, I would highly recommend!

* * * * *
15th Oct

Really positive experience

This was my first time at The Creation Station with Helen in Sutton Coldfield and we had a fantastic time at the Christmas Card Making Workshop! The email communication was clear. There was space out the front for me to park the buggy. The room was clean, tidy and organised. Helen had smocks at the ready for all the children and we were able to crack on as we pleased. The order form was easy to fill out and payment was an easy transaction. My daughter really enjoyed herself and we can't wait to see her masterpiece when they're ready for collection! We'd love to attend again but as I work weekdays, it'll be tricky unless there are sessions closeby to Lichfield available at the weekends.

* * * * *
15th Oct

Fantastic Activities

Lovely class. More expensive that some baby classes, but well worth the cost. So many resources to choose from and lovely things to make!

* * * * *
15th Oct

A* for everything

Gail is welcoming, friendly, remembers names, patient with the little ones, attentive, speaks clearly and is very polite! My daughter (23 months) and I took to her very quickly and love her classes.

* * * * *
15th Oct

Great fun

Great fun! The children are free to roam wild and get as messy as they want. I wish they did more free play as the younger ones are happier to do their own thing rather than follow instructions on how to make something. I’d love to see glitter and feathers come out soon ?

* * * * *
15th Oct

A lovely party

A lovely party. The girls loved it and it was very straight forward for me, no setting up or tidying to do. Easy and fully recommended. Thank you

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14th Oct

Fab Christmas craft workshop

Fab Christmas craft workshop, great prices too

* * * * *
14th Oct

Emma puts on an amazing group which…

Emma puts on an amazing group which both me and my little ones love!