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Love to receive £250 worth of crafts for your nursery, school or child care setting?

Love £250 crafts in your setting from The Creation Station We know there is a squeeze on nurturing creativity within the education system, time and budgets are severely cut short.

To help you, The Creation Station has put together an initiative to provide you with £250 worth of free arts and crafts. Help us find proactive and friendly people to run their own flexible and rewarding Creation Station franchise and when they join our family you receive your £250 free craft goodies and  they get first refusal on a £2000 grant to kickstart their business 

 Get £250 worth of crafts when yoiu refer someone to run their own Creation Station franchise

"I was looking for a change of direction from teaching and came across The Creation  Station. It jumped out at me as it involved still working with children, doing lots of creative activities and making a difference. I love the flexibility I have now, I'm using my skills and love being my own boss with lots of support".  Helen Naraine runs The Creation Station franchise in  Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield. 

How it worksFree £250 crafts from Creation Station how it works   

If someone joins our Creation Station franchise and states your school, nursery or group as for how they heard, you £250 worth of crafts from our store. Plus as well as their comprehensive start-up kit, they also receive an extra £250 worth of crafts to launch their business. 

How to get your £250 

There is no limit on the number of £250 crafts awards you can receive. Here are two ways to get your hands on your free crafts goodies.

1. Share this copy on social media and with friends (feel free to edit to suit):

"Would you love to run your own fun, flexible and creative business? Find out about running your own award-winning Creation Station franchise. Quote our nursery, school or group name (edit as appropriate), you will receive first refusal on a grant worth up to £2000 to help kick-start your business. Plus, if you join the Creation Station our school, nursery, group or setting (edit as appropriate) will receive £250 worth of crafts to support the children in our care."

Find out about running your own creative business here

2.  Request flyers 

If you would like some flyers to give out - email us with how many you would like and we will pop them in the post to you. you simply pop your setting name onto the flyer to ensure you receive the crafts. 

Here's to inspiring imaginations and make a difference through fun, educational and creative classes, parties and events for all ages.

The initiative runs until December 2018.

Contact us to request flyers to give out for £250 free crafts.