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There are times when we all come to a watershed period in our lives. 

This could be a when personals circumstances change, or economic conditions change, or when we find that the career or job we have just isn't providing what we need any more. 

We don’t know for sure what the future will look like. What we do know for sure is that things can change. So it’s increasingly important we take control where we can.

But how do know what to do and where do we start?

In our Creation Station online Discovery Events, we ask our attendees to draw a straight line from one side of a page to the other side.

Draw a line - Plan your future

Join In With This Simple Excercise

Draw a line, and mark at the midpoint is now. On the far-right hand side, write what year it will be in five  years’ time. It sounds a long a way off, but when you think of five years ago, that seems to have gone pretty quickly!

Now, think about what you would love to have in your life during your next five years. If people need some help to get started, we suggest that they look back on the past five years and do more of what they loved and less of what they didn’t like.

It’s a simple exercise but it does help us to get off ‘the hamster wheel’ of life, where we can just keep going. Life isn’t a sausage machine – and when things change we can all feel empowered to make positive changes too.

We tend to plan more for a holiday or a trip to the supermarket

than we do in our life.

Rhea Durrington, was a senior manager for the NHS, but wanted more time with her family and to something she wanted to do since she left school

I’d always wanted to do something creative when I left school. But there just didn’t seem to be the right career path to do this. So I took a different path and ended up in a senior position in the NHS.

Having my daughter, Autumn, made me review what I wanted in my life for my family.

I wanted to have more control over my working hours for my family. I wanted to build on the skills I’d developed, but also learn new skills. And I really wanted to do something creative, plus make a difference to others. It did seem like a big wish list! I came across The Creation Station, the UK’s leading creative activity business with award-winning support, with very high standards and a caring culture. I decided if I didn’t make the change and do what I really wanted to do, time would whizz passed and before I know it, Autumn would have left home and I still wouldn’t have had the fulfilment I wanted.

I trained in May 2020, whilst we were in lockdown. I know that children and adults need creativity, and even more through these challenging times. The training was online over a week, with three other lovely ladies. It was really informative, helpful and fun!

Three days after training I got my first two bookings for my online adult craft sessions. I’m enjoying time with Autumn, I’m tapping into my creative side and enjoying learning lots of new business skills.’

The Creation Station team, have been supporting children, families, schools and business during lockdown by providing free resources, online classes and crafts, pre-recorded courses and live-streamed activities. This way franchise partners have been able to support their customers and reach out to help the local community through these difficult times. As well as training, on-going support is a key benefit of investing in franchise. As part of the British Franchise Association, The Creation Station is committed to high standards and has been rated as number 15 in the top 100 Franchises in the UK.    

There are three types of ‘licenes to inspire’ you can choose from to create journeys of discovery exploration and development.

  • A licence to inspire families -   Baby and parent keepsake classes, Little Explorers and Family Fun  
  • A licence to inspire in education  - after school clubs, school workshops and home education
  • A licence to inspire adults and the elderly  - adults craft evening, crafternoons, intergenerational classes in care homes

Many of our Creation Station franchise partners come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from corporate like Rhea, or from teaching, Human Resources, retail management, design and stay at home mums. Many have an interest in crafting but we all share our common mission to make a positive impact through creativity.

If you would like to find out more about achieving the flexibility and fulfilment you want, download a franchise information pack and discover a world of creative possibilities.

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