How to upcycle your plastic bag #MakeItMonday

Did you know that you can make a flying kite from any regular shopping bag at your home in just 20 minutes?! It's very easy to do and not only does it fly very well, but you will also be supporting #WatchMeFly campaign which supports Caudwell Children. 

Kite front

You will need:

  • Plastic shopping bag
  • Paper straws
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Kite template
  • Ruler
  • String
  • Black marker pen

Watch a step by step video or follow instructions below.

Step 1:

Cut out the front of your plastic bag or just cut the bag in half

Step 2:

Fold the front of your bag in half vertically (so the logo/writing is right in the middle)

Step 3:

Create a kite template from card by drawing a parallelogram with the following measurements: 

  • 20cm
  • 12cm
  • 22cm
  • 15cm

and dash a line down the middle of the kite.

Step 4:

Place the template on the bag so that the side that is 20cm long is along he folded edge of the bag. Cut the kite out bu leave the folded edge untacked.

Step 5:

You should get a heart shape when you unfold the bag. Open it up with the logo/writing side on the table.

Step 6:

Fold the kite back together and unfold one side down the dashed line like it's shown on your kite template.

Step 7:

Secure the kite's shape with sticky tape down the middle

Step 8:

Stick on 1 paper straw down the kite and 2 halves of 1 straw on each side of the kite in the middle. Top tip: Place sticky tape on the straw first and then on the kite.

Step 9:

Secure the middle of where the straws meet with more sticky tape

Step 10:

You should have a 'wing' formed from previous steps. Make it stronger with sticky tape by simply sticking the tape around the 'wing'

Step 11:

Make a hole with the pencil in the 'wing' of your kite and thread string through it. Leave the string on the ball so you can adjust the height of your kite when flying

Step 12:

Make a 'tail' for your kite. Fold the other half of the bag in 4 and cut 4 strips approx. 2cm long.

Step 13:

Stick on the strips to the bottom of your kite

Step 14:

With a black marker pen, write #WatchMeFly on your kite and show everyone you are supporting the campaign for such a good cause. 

Get involved in the Children's National Activity Week with this easy to do craft activity that your little ones can enjoy outside in the lovely weather.

We appreciate the weather is not always great in our country so get your children involved in our sessions from as little as 6 months to 11 years that are run all over the country and some will even be joined by Sid Sloane! Yes, the one from CBeebies! :D 

As busy parents we can all struggle with ideas, time or energy and the thought of the clearing up afterwards can feel anything but fun! Also it’s often the case that by the time you’ve set something up, they’ve already finished!

We totally understand this. In fact, that’s precisely why The Creation Station was established – to give you quality, fun, creative experiences with your child in a safe, nurturing and friendly environment.

Find your local class or book a Creation Station Arty Party for your little ones and let us do the magic whilst you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and watch children have fun, being creative and inspiring. 


What people say

Excellent 4.9/5

7216 reviews on Trustpilot

* * * * *
28th Feb

Sparking my inner arts and crafts hobbyist

Absolutely love these classes. I was first introduced to these from another baby group leader, I wanted to take my little boy to some different groups. When we were allowed to go, we went to the baby groups in Westhoughton. It was a very warm welcome that made us feel so comfortable in a new group. Everything was explained fully on what we had to do in the groups, even providing protective clothing for the clothes for my little boy. After this, I have gotten to know the group leader a little and now started to join in monthly arts and crafts zoom meetings with other ladies who enjoy this. I never thought I would start a hobby doing this but I LOVE IT! I’ve now made 2 things and am waiting for the March class to make more. It’s something to take my mind away for a few hours and do some creating. I was always so interested in arts and crafts when I was young but now this has got my mind buzzing. Thank you for your groups and lovely leaders! It’s been brilliant doing these groups in lockdown!

* * * * *
28th Feb

Slime workshop

My daughter took part in the Slime workshop and really enjoyed it, would definitely recommend!

* * * * *
27th Feb

Excellent value and a variety of activity sheets

* * * * *
27th Feb

A brilliant arty party for 6 year olds

We held a joint online arty party for my 6 year old daughter and her friend today and it was brilliant. Nicola Gillaspy was really helpful in organising the event and sent out everything we needed ahead of time, and was an absolutely brilliant party host. All the girls were engaged and made some lovely crafts, and it was lovely to see them all laughing and having fun together, in spite of the lockdown. Thanks Nicola - highly recommend her parties ☺️

* * * * *
24th Feb


I cannot praise the creation station enough. It has been a wonderful experience taking part in the zoom calls and it has been a god send to my sister, who has learning difficulties. I wish I had found you sooner

* * * * *
23rd Feb

My kids love The Creation Station…

My kids love The Creation Station classes. They are always well run and really engaging. This session was on zoom and the joining info was really helpful and meant the session ran really smoothly. Would definitely recommend.

* * * * *
23rd Feb

Really enjoyed our session with the…

Really enjoyed our session with the Creation Station. Thanks!

* * * * *
22nd Feb

Lots of fun!

My 9 year old twin girls absolutely love their Creation Station sessions with Alexis. They always want to do the normal after school sessions, and are equally enjoying the zoom after school sessions plus some extra holiday sessions too. Alexis is great with the children, and the crafts are fun and varied.

* * * * *
22nd Feb


Superb 2 hour session. My 8 year old daughter had so much fun. Avne was amazing at keeping all the children engaged. Thankyou.

* * * * *
21st Feb

Wizard Workshop

My 6 year old loved the online Wizard Workshop! You can tell Alix was a teacher as she has the ability to hold all the kids attention. They had great fun with the slime making and other crafts. It was very exciting to receive the box in advance and I think for 2.5 hours it was also great value for money.