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How to make giant bubbles #MakeItMonday


Imagine bubbles the size of you! Make your own homemade bubble solution and watch your little ones have loads of fun trying to catch and pop these ginormous bubbles and laugh away with them. It's so easy to do and you don't need to buy anything more than what you already have in the house. 

You will need:

  •  String
  •  Fairy liquid
  •  Sugar 
  •  Lollipop sticks
  •  Button
  •  Scissors
  •  Water
  •  Container for 
  • solution

For solution:

Add 100 ml of Fairy liquid to a 100 ml of water. Mix in 2 table spoons of sugar and stir well.

For the wand

Step 1: 

Tie one end of a string to a lollipop stick and place the other stick approx. 40 cm away and tie a knot.

Step 2:

Measure approx. 100 cm of the string and cut it off

Step 3:

Thread a button through the string. This will put weight on your wand when making 
bubbles in the wind.

Step 4:

Tie the string to the first lollipop stick to form a triangle

Dip your wand in the solution and let soak for a few seconds. When 
you are ready to make bubbles, just open it up and let the wind do the rest.

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