How To Make A Miniature Bicycle

World Bicycle Day is celebrated on 3rd June. This day celebrates everything about bicycles or bikes.

The bike is a versatile, reliable and sustainable mode of transport. Bikes are also great for fun and exercise too. Enjoy this fun activity celebrating the bicycle. 

 How To Make A Miniature Bicycle:


  • First you need to make some wheels! So take a piece of cardboard and draw a circle approximately 8cm in diameter.
  • Cut this out, then on your circle draw a smaller one about 6cm in diameter.
  • Cut out your smaller circle using an art knife.
  • Next, apply some glue to the card circle and wind some string all the way around until the card is completely covered.
  • To make the spokes, take a paper straw and measure it to size by placing it against the inner circle and making a bend where you want to cut.
  • Cut the straw, glue each end and place inside your wheel.
  • Now make two smaller spokes, by cutting the straws to size and gluing them either side of the main spoke. (You should have a cross inside your wheel).
  • Repeat all this process twice more, so you end up with 3 wheels.
  • Next, take a paper straw and cut it to 10cm in length and glue a wheel to each end of the straw. This will be the back of the bicycle.
  • It’s now time to make the handle bars! So cut a straw 14cm long and fold it in half. Flatten the ends and glue onto your 3rd wheel. Open out and flatten the top of the straw.
  • Now cut a piece of straw 10 cm in length, apply some glue to one end, wrap string around the straw 5 times and cut. Glue the end of the string in place. Repeat this on the other end of the straw.
  • Fold the straw in half, flatten the middle and glue on top of the straw attached to the 3rd wheel (front wheel).
  • Bend up both ends of the straw and your handle bars are complete!
  • To join the front and back wheels, cut two straws 12.5cm in length and glue them to each side of the front wheel. Pull them into a V.
  • Flatten the ends of the straws and glue them onto the back of the bicycle (onto the straw connecting the back wheels).
  • Now your bicycle needs a seat! So cut a rectangular piece of card, just under 10cm in length and 4.5cm in width. Glue the card and wrap it in string until all the card is covered.
  • Glue your seat in place (onto the straw connecting the back wheels).
  • There you have it - The Wheel Deal!

How To Make A Display/Storage Pot For Your Bicycle:


  • Take a disposable coffee cup and cut it down to about 7cm in length.
  • Apply glue to the outside of the cup and wrap it in string until the cup is covered. Display some artificial flowers or use as a storage unit for pens!




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15th Jun

Really good class

Really good class. My son who is 20 months old thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the fact I can come here and don’t have to worry about mess in my own home. Will definitely return again

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Really enjoyable morning

Really enjoyable morning. No pressure very relaxed. Thank you!

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Arts/crafts for toddlers

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Attended the Fathers day craft session…

Attended the Fathers day craft session today with Alexis. We really enjoyed it, made some cute crafts and the Mums even got a cup of tea and some cake :D Alexis was really friendly and welcoming and so patient with the babies getting their footprints. Thank you x

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14th Jun

Creation station was fantastic

Creation station was fantastic. Due to the pandemic I havnt been able to take my little boy to any classes. He absolutely loved today, he was happy playing and interacting with other children, something he hasn’t been able to do because of lockdown. Can’t wait for next weeks class

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14th Jun

Great fun

What a great day we have had playing with paints pens stickers . Had a great plate and a canvas for farthers day present ? . The host aliex was great she helped us and gave us all the tools we needed to do our creative work . She even gave us ideas Can not recommend this enough my boy loved it can not wait for the next one ?

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We had a fantastic time so much fun and…

We had a fantastic time so much fun and love all of our little keepsakes Thankyou so much for all your help we will definitely be returning xx

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Fantastic session as always

Fantastic session as always! I am always amazed by the variety of resources and different experiences for the children! The time and effort that goes in to each and every session is incredible and we love it every week!!

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11th Jun

Love my Adult creation classes with…

Love my Adult creation classes with Emma. It gets me a at for one night a month to do something that appeals to my creative flair. She’s absolutely lovely too and very helpful over zoom! It’s so nice to do something you enjoy from the comfort of your own home ❤️

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10th Jun

Great session and my baby loved it

Great session and my baby loved it. Will definitely be back