How to make a mandala #MakeItMonday

Mandala front

Make a simple mandala using materials you see every day. It is probably one of the most therapeutic crafts that you can create with your little ones or let the grandparents have a go at creating a beautiful piece of art. Research shows the acts of creative expression and social interaction are can improve health, both mentally and physically in our ageing community.

A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. In fact, "mandala" is a Sanskrit word that means "circle". Mandalas generally have one identifiable centre point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms.

In essence, mandalas represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. Designing your own mandalas can be both inspirational and therapeutic.

You wiill need: 

  • 15 x 15cm canvas
  • A pencil
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Glue
  • Brushes (different sizes)
  • Paint (black and different colours) 
  • Felt tip
  • Round tray

Step 1: 

Colour your canvas black

Step 2:

With a pencil, draw around a round tray for the outline of your art

Step 3:

Dot around the circle using lollipop sticks

Step 4:

Dip the glue lid in paint and use it to create circles on the inside

Step 5:

Use the brush to dot in between the circles that have been created by a glue lid

Step 6:

Use toothpicks to create intricate circles between the big circles

Step 7:

With a brush, paint over any bits that didn't come out perfect and tidy up your mandala

Step 8:

Using a different brush, use the end of it to dot different colour circles 

Step 9:

Use the lid of a felt tip to create 3D circles of various sizes

Step 10: 

Repeat with lollipop sticks and toothpicks to create different colour and size circles all around the mandala

Research shows the acts of creative expression and social interaction are can improve health, both mentally and physically in our ageing community. Visit our website to find out more about sessions for the elderly in your area and how it can benefit you and your family.

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11th Dec

Worth every penny

Absolutely love this class. Sarah is lovely warm and amazing with the children. Highly recommend

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Lovely class

Lovely class, fab host will definitely be looking out for more classes!

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My daughter (aged 3) had a lovely…

My daughter (aged 3) had a lovely morning with Tracey!

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Highlight of our week

My granddaughter and I thoroughly enjoy our Creation Station sessions. It's the highlight of our week. The sessions are well organised and resourced and pitched at just the level. Sarah has a lovely way with the children who adore her!

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Would really recommend The Creation Station. A big hit with the children especially when making slime! You know kids really enjoyed the party when they left saying it was the best ever. Would highly recommend.

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Fabulous class

Fabulous class - lovely ladies! Thanks very much

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Excellent party by Farah the Creation Station Host for NW3

We had a party for our daughter who was just turning 7 and she wanted an arty party. A friend recommended the Creation Station and as we live in NW3 the local franchise owner was Farah Wahed. After Farah sent all the party information, we had a couple of phone calls including one with our daughter so she could be involved in picking activities and choosing the music. We had the party on Saturday and it was fantastic. From the moment the 20 guests arrived they were captivated and left having had an awesome time. Farah was amazing, she kept everyone's attention, made the party great fun and together with her helper Michelle ensured that our daughter and her friends had a memorable afternoon. We have 4 kids and this was the calmest party we've had (for us as parents) and one we'd repeat!

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Creation station west Berkshire

This was the first time I have been to a creation station session and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The cafe it was held in was a little small for buggys but the owner was very accommodating and we all had a lovely slice of cake and a hot drink. The materials we were given to work with were over and above what I thought we would get and I have created some lovely Christmas keepsakes with my daughter. Vicky and her helper were great at sharing ideas, tips and keeping babies occupied leaving me to finish my creations. Looking forward to the next session!

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Lots of fun

Lots of fun, well worth the money. Very friendly and helpful. We had a great time there.

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A wonderful time

We attended a Christmas craft design on a Saturday and had a fantastic time. The materials were great and we got to create some wonderful memories. Excellent value for money.