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How to make a Cat Money Box #MakeItMonday


Want to turn your Crusha bottle into a cool craft with the kids? Follow the step by step instructions or watch the video and make a Cat Money Box for your little ones to keep their pennies and pounds in! It's quick, easy and loads of fun! #CrushaCreation

You will need:

  • A plastic bottle
  • 1 A4 purple coloured paper
  • 1 A4 pink coloured paper
  • 3 pipecleaners
  • 2 wiggly eyes
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 4 pom poms
  • Black marker pen
  • Craft knife

Step 1:

Take all the wrapping off the bottle

Step 2:

Cut 1 sheet of paper in half by folding it in 2 long way

Step 3:

 Wrap 1 half of that paper around your plastic bottle and secure with glue

Step 4:

On the other half of paper, draw and cut out a tail and ears. Make sure you leave a bit of space at the bottom of each item for glue

Step 5:

Glue the tail to the bottom of the bottle on a different colour paper. Draw 2 triangles that are smaller in size than ears and glue them on to ears. Glue the ears to the bottle (just above the main body)

Step 6:

Glue the wiggly eyes just below the ears

Step 7:

Wrap pipecleaners around the neck of the bottle (just below of where the lid screws). Cross and bend to secure the pipecleaners in place.

Step 8:

Draw and colour in a triangle on the lid for the nose

Step 9:

Glue 4 pom poms to make feet for your cat

Step 10:

Draw an outline of where you want your coins to go and cut it out with a craft knife. Be very careful if you are using a kitchen knife!

Step 11:

Tidy up with scissors

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6794 reviews on Trustpilot

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11th Aug

Professionally delivered

Professionally delivered, fun, arty sessions even during Covid. Keeps everyone engaged in the task(s). My 7 & 10 year old really enjoy going. We've accessed free sessions and a 12 week paid block, delivered as an after school club.

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10th Aug

So much fun with Emma!

My 3 year old daughter is having a great time on Emma’s “shapes” course via Zoom! Emma is great at interacting with the children, and always looks at what they’ve made and makes encouraging comments on what they are doing, which my daughter really loves. Emma’s course is great fun with songs and plenty of ideas to expand imaginations!!

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10th Aug

Both children (9 & 11) had a great time…

Both children (9 & 11) had a great time on Claire's session and wanted to book more. It's fun learning for all.

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10th Aug

Would recommend

Everything was provided. Fun session. My daughter really enjoyed it and asked about future sessions. Have booked again

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9th Aug

Absolutely loved the slime workshop

Absolutely loved the slime workshop, social distancing was great and loads of sanitisation.

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8th Aug

Holiday club fun

My daughter had a great time at holiday club. She came home proudly showing off all of her lovely creations! She had such a brilliant time and I would definitely recommend to others.

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8th Aug

A great holiday club for my boys

A great holiday club for my boys. They very much enjoyed crafting for two days, made some fantastic creations and had lots of fun. Thank you Sara ☺️

* * * * *
8th Aug

My daughter said to give 5* .Both of…

My daughter said to give 5* .Both of them absolutely loved it. Thank you xx

* * * * *
7th Aug

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the…

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the holiday club session at Withycombe, when I asked how many stars she would give Sara's sessions, she said 10!

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7th Aug

Fantastic classes!

Emma is so fantastic! The sessions are the highlight of my daughter’s week. She has produced some beautiful work, and is really proud of what she creates. Emma fosters a supportive, encouraging and fun environment for the children to worK in. I would thoroughly recommend her classes!