How to make a bird from yarn

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As well as the joy of hearing and watching birds, birds add so much to our lives.

Birds play a vital role in our world.

Birds help to control pests, act as pollinators and help to maintain our ecology.

This fun activity helps us all appreciate and be more mindful of our feathered friends.

This activity describes how to make a Blue Tit but you can adapt for your own favourite bird.

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What You Need To Make A Blue Tit:

Bird day

  • Some scrap cardboard (from a packaging box).
  • A pencil.
  • A ruler.
  • Some dark blue, yellow, light blue and black coloured acrylic yarns.
  • Scissors.
  • A black pipe cleaner.
  • A piece of A4 paper.
  • Black card.
  • Black beads (5mm in size).
  • Glue.

How To Make A Bird (Blue Tit):

  • Take your old cardboard and cut out 3 rectangles, one 12cm by 8cm and two 9cm by 8cm.
  • Next, take your dark blue yarn and wrap around the 12cm card 30 times and cut.
  • Wrap the yellow yarn around one of the 9cm cards 30 times and cut.
  • Create a mixture of light blue and black yarns by wrapping the light blue yarn around the other 9cm card 15 times, followed by the black yarn another 15 times.
  • Hold the yarns firmly on the card and cut one side - you will now have 3 yarn groups.
  • Even out the mixed group, then put aside 2 dark blue yarns, 1 yellow and 1 black, to use as ties.
  • Next tie the mixed yarns in the middle with the black yarn.
  • Take the dark blue group and lay it out horizontally in front of you.
  • Then take the yellow group and place it vertically on top of the middle of the dark blue group creating a cross.
  • Fold the dark blue group in half, wrapping around the yellow group and tie tightly with dark blue yarn.
  • Next fold the yellow group in half and tie it tightly with yellow yarn.
  • Take the mixed colour group and place it under the dark blue and yellow yarns. The dark blue group should be facing up.
  • Next take an A4 piece of paper and tear off a quarter of a piece and scrunch it into a small ball.
  • Turn the yarns over and place the paper in between the 3 groups.
  • Pull the yarn groups back over the paper and hold all of them tightly together, sorting out and pulling tight any yarns that might have become loose. Make sure all of the paper is covered.
  • Take a dark blue yarn and tie it tightly around all the yarn groups.
  • Next trim the yarns (tail feathers) with your scissors to even them out.
  • Now your bird needs legs! So take a black pipe cleaner and make a bend forward 2 1/2 cm from the top (this is the leg, now we need some toes!). Bend back the wire about 1cm in length, then bend it forward and back again - like a zig-zag.
  • You should have two toes, bend them into a v shape, wrap the wire around the ankle then cut. Repeat this process again for the 2nd leg.
  • Next insert them into the bird’s body.
  • Now you’re ready to make the beak! Using the black card, cut out a small circle about 4cm in diameter and cut it into quarters.
  • Take a quarter piece of card and glue one edge, roll it into a cone and stick.
  • Once dry, glue it onto your bird’s face.
  • Finally for the eyes take 2 plastic beads and glue them into place.

Now, you have your very own feathered friend!

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Fantastic playdoh creation

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