How To Create A Painting Of A Galaxy.

To commemorate Asteroid Day on 30th June, we demonstrate how to paint a Galaxy.

Asteroid Day takes place every year on 30th June. This special day is an UN-sanctioned global awareness campaign to help raise awareness about asteroids opportunities and risks. As we continue to look to the skies, this day aims to help us understand more about the possibilities and challenges that are out there.

It is full of exciting possibilities! 

We've put together this fun Galaxy painting activity for you to enjoy!  

What You Need:

•    Green, blue, purple, red, and white acrylic paint.

•    Water.

•    Small sponges.

•    A fan paint brush.

•    Black card.

How To Paint A Galaxy:

•    First, mix some blue and purple paint together to create a deep indigo colour.

•    Using a sponge, dab the paint onto your card working it into a rough diagonal line - from the top right to the bottom left corner.

•    Next, dab the paint towards the bottom right corner and then up to the top left corner - think of a lop-sided cross.

•    Now, mix some blue and white paint together to make a pale blue.

•    Dab this inside your lop-sided cross.

•    Dab some dark blue paint along the outside of the pale blue.

•    Repeat with the purple paint and this will add depth to your painting.

•    Now, mix some red and purple paint together to make a magenta colour.

•    Dab this on the outside edges of your cross.

•    Make a turquoise colour by mixing some green, blue and white paint together.

•    Dab this on the inside of your cross, adding even more depth.

•    Dab some more dark blue on the outside edges, and for even more atmosphere: add more magenta.

•    Now, you need to make some stars! So, mix some white paint with water, until it’s of a runny consistency.

•    Dip your fan brush in the paint and then gently tap it (above the card) all over your painting. Keep going with this until your galaxy is covered in stars.

•    And there you have it......a painting that will make you feel like a star!

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