How The Creation Station are keeping you and everyone safe in face-to-face classes

We are making sure that everyone who attends our classes can enjoy the activities safely.

We are making sure that everyone who attends our award-winning creative classes can enjoy the activities safely 😍.

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How Creation Stataion Are Keeping You Safe

Here are some of the ways we are ensuring government guidelines are in place when you come to class.

  • All our leaders have taken and passed a COVID secure training test.
  • Our leaders undertake a regular lateral flow test to ensure they aren’t a COVID-19 transmitter.
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  • A one-way system will be implemented.
  • You will have your own creative pod 2m away from the next customer.
  • Adults are required to keep a 2m distance.
  • We will not encourage high fives or hand-holding outside your bubble.
  • All attendees are required to complete a health questionnaire.
  • We have longer gaps between classes to ensure a deep clean takes place and to reduce contact with others
  • Children will have their own sanitised equipment.
  • Everyone will be asked to use the sanitiser at the entrance and exit.
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Thank you for helping us return safely back to classes to bring creativity and fun into children's learning and development.

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