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How online creative sessions support a child's development

At Creation Station we have developed our award-winning classes to be provided on-line with crafts packs delivered to each child (or adult for our adult crafting sessions).

We are mindful of the amount of time children spend on screens and wanted to review how children were responding to the online creative classes and what parents and our franchise partners thought.  

In this webinar we discuss how The Creation Station online creative workshops have been received by children and adults alike. 

Here is an overveiw on the benefits based on feedback from children, parents and our franchise partners,  

1. Personalised crafts packs 

The children get really excited to receive their own personalised Fun Arty Box with the crafts they need for their ten-week programme. As the boxes are packed with a whole range of materials, there is plenty for the children to carry on getting creative after the session and during the week. Children often develop their activities inspired by the activities they have done in the session.

Creation Station craft packs

2. Screen time is minimal 

The screen acts purely as way of connecting and facilitating the activities for the children. Just like in our sessions, we provide journeys of exploration, discovery and development. The children don't have to watch the screen all the time and in fact, they rarely look up as they get so engrossed in their own creations - which is fabulous to see.   

3. Individual attention

These sessions feel very personal as we can see and comment on what each child is doing.   

"One parent has signed their child up because of the personal and close approach that they can get from being on Zoom with me -  with so much distancing going on around them this feels more like one to one interaction"

"There is a lot more 1 to1 interaction, as there is often an adult there with them doing the practical/ helping side of things so it doe shave a very friendly feel" Alix Purton Creation Station franchise, partner 

"After the initial introduction of the creative idea, children are really excited to involved in it - alone or with parental support. It’s not the same as watching an online tutorial as the session is helping to develop their own ideas not copy and worry theirs isn't as good as someone elses. We do feel like we are sitting across the table with them". Nicola Gillaspy Creation Station franchise, partner.

Kids classses Create club online review 

4. Building confidence  / Independent  learning /confidence

The sessions are a time for them to show and tell the things they've done at home throughout the week. This includes other models and art and crafts, often a development from the sessions but sometimes just lovely random things they are excited to share with us. 

In an email from one of our Create Club dads, he said

"I've been thrilled to see how my daughter has grown in confidence and independence whilst she’s been participating in the online club with me since Easter"

During the sessions the children join in with discussions and share ideas because no one is watching them in class. They have said they feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own home.

In one of our Create Clubs that moved from in school to online, one of the previously shyest club members is now one of the chattiest!

Online Create Club kids classes

5. Wellbeing

There is a strong sense of achievement and pride when the children develop their own ideas and produce their own creations. These are often displayed at home. One family has transformed their garage into their daugther art gallery from work hey have done with Creation Station.   

The sessions can be directly related to their own experience. For example, in one of our 'Inspired my me' sessions, we were created pet rocks. All the children had a pet and brought their pets to show each other onscreen introduction, which was lovely and made the children feel special too.

The children 'meet' other children if the session is open to children from any school.

Their creations often get finished long after the session ends because the children are engrossed in the activity. Photos arrive several days later with many comments from parents saying they’ve really enjoyed working on it. We reive a lot of feedback saying that their child has grown in confidence developed a new hobby getting creative!

Kids online classes with arts and crafts

6. Family

Some children feel more comfortable with the parent/ carer with them in the session, for not just practical support, but emotionally it is helpful for them.

The online classes provide this opportunity and enabled parents to see and get involved if they want to. 

We have quite a lot of Grandparents taking part too, as many look after the grandchildren after school. This gives them some structured session time that they can enjoy too. 

One parent has described it as 'family time' as both dad and mum are currently working at home, and both parents take part with 2 children.

From our experiences and insights, we see that the screen facilitate sessions, but opens up a wealth of other opportunities and benefits that wouldn't be possible otherwise. 

Find out where your local classes are - Children's classes near me 

If you would like to enjoy pre-recorded classes visit our anytime learning platform called ICR8. Explore anytime arts and crafts classes

What people say

Excellent 4.9/5

7291 reviews on Trustpilot

* * * * *
20th Apr

It was a very friendly environment!

It was all very friendly especially Kelly, my one year old attended for the first time today and he’s very inquisitive and doesn’t sit still. Kelly was wonderful with working around him and his feet that never stop.

* * * * *
20th Apr

My child had a great time at the space…

My child had a great time at the space themed creation station with Alexis at Betley School! Thank you so much! :)

* * * * *
19th Apr

Thank you for inclusive, fun and engaging intergenerational workshops Alix!

Thank you to Alix for the fantastic intergenerational workshops she ran for us at Sussex Housing & Care last week. Residents at Saxonwood care home in Battle and Oakwood Court care home, Haywards Heath connected with relatives, staff, families and children. The experience was very enlightening and emotional. The activity was designed to be inclusive, fun and encourage interaction, building on the positive resources that young and older people have to offer each other and those around them. But little did we know how captivating this latest venture would turn out to be! We have had amazing feedback from all involved. A relative said “Thanks for a lovely event, it was great to chat and to see everyone”. Evelyn and Peggy, residents at Oakwood Court, joined up with Evelyn’s grand daughters Hannah aged 2 and Isabelle, 13 who tuned into the workshop from home on zoom. Evelyn even said during the session “We need this!”. Lots of fun and belly laughter was enjoyed by all as we created our portraits and connected with relatives. Care assistant Charley added, “it was lovely to be part of and we look forward to running more intergenerational workshops in the future”. Thank you for all the fun and enthusiasm and your hard work in pulling it all together Alix; the collages and experience was amazing! Fingers crossed for the world record!

* * * * *
19th Apr

Very well run course

The course was absolutely brilliant and efficiently run. My daughter really loved the amount of different mediums she was able to create with and the fact the some of her creations are able to continue growing at home!! Looking forward to the summer course!

* * * * *
18th Apr

We had a lovely afternoon making slime…

We had a lovely afternoon making slime and experimenting what we could do with it. Kelly was a fabulous host and we received a warm welcome. Would definitely recommend The Creation Station classes to others.

* * * * *
18th Apr

Messy fun a great time.

Messy fun a great time.

* * * * *
18th Apr

great time

We loved our session last week doing hand and footprints. it is perfect for arty/creative mums wanting to get their baby into crafts as early as possible! cant wait to come back!

* * * * *
16th Apr

Slime making and more - Easter holiday

This was a great session led by Alix via Zoom. Started with silk clay making keyrings and more and then finished with slime. Excitement started with box of goodies arriving in the post before the event. Everything was provided so really easy. On the day loads of interaction with every child on the Zoom call. We will definitely do it again with Alix. Thank you so much!

* * * * *
16th Apr

A fantastic few days for my daughter

A fantastic few days for my daughter. She loves Emma and everything they did - came home full of beans!

* * * * *
15th Apr

Fantastic class for babies and…

Fantastic class for babies and toddlers! Great for development and lovely class leader!