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How Much Does A Children’s Birthday Party Cost?

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What Does A Children’s Birthday Party Cost?

If we had to list our ‘most asked’ questions this would definitely be in our ‘Top 5’.  Birthdays are such key events in people’s lives and we all want to make sure that our loved ones have the most amazing time and have lasting memories of their special day.  As an award-winning party provider, we know that there are many factors that will change how much you will pay for a party, so we have put together 5 things that will affect the cost when planning your special event:

1. Location – Deciding whether to have your party at home or hire a venue is a great place to start your planning.  Whilst smaller numbers can be easily managed in your own home, many people opt to hire a venue such as a local community centre or function room to reduce the pressure of having to have large numbers of people in their home and avoid the mess and possibility of accidental damages.  Hiring a venue is a great idea as they often have tables and chairs that you can use for the party, kitchen facilities and more space for any entertainment/activities that you have arranged.  Shop around to find the best deal on a venue, ask whether they charge you for the setup and tidy times (many don’t!) but be sure to allow enough time for your party and tidy-up! Don’t forget that if you are on a tight budget you could also look at using your local park for a ‘picnic-style’ free party venue!Parties goody bag

2. Duration – How long is your party going to run for? 1 hour? 2 hours? All day? The length of your party will determine what activities or entertainment you will be able to have and the number of refreshments and/or food that you will need to provide for your guests. 

3. Food - If you are having a children’s party it’s a great idea to arrange it so that it spans a normal mealtime e.g. 11am – 1pm, 3pm – 5pm and plan to eat about halfway through.  This gives the children some time to sit, fill their tummies and settle themselves a little during a very high energy experience for them.  Even if you aren’t giving them a full meal it’s always a great idea to have some light snacks and drinks available if you want them to be able to keep their energy levels up.

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4. Number Of Guests – How many do you invite?  This may simply be a decision made due to budget or venue size.  Maybe your entertainment/activities will determine how many people you should invite?  If you are restricted to numbers, it’s always a great idea to sit down with your child and ask them who they want to invite – guaranteed there will always be a surprise friend on their list that you haven’t even thought about that they really want to be there.

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5. Entertainment – This is always a huge decision! There is so much choice out there and so many great providers.  In our experience, we know that it’s especially important that party entertainers should always strive to deliver the best quality service at every party but unfortunately, this isn't always the case.  Be sure to do your research – ask friends and family for recommendations, check review sites and always speak directly to the person who you are asking to be part of your special day.  The best party entertainment and activity providers will be excited to be part of your event and will spend time ensuring that what they are promising to deliver will meet your individual needs and budget. 

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At The Creation Station, we believe that where parties are concerned, every event is different and the one standard package approach will never simply ‘fit all’.


If you would like to find out more about The Creation Station Art & Craft Parties & Events, please visit  or download our brochure here.  

Or if you'd like to inspire little ones across the country and give them the best birthday party ever, join our team! 

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